Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali: Duo Performances (Acoustic Songs, Orgastica-DJ tracks & Cyberpoetry)

The New Topical & Orgastica-DJ Concerts by the Duo Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali present their new music and concert platform fusing acoustic New-Topical-Songs, Cyberbeat Poetry and Orgastica-DJ Instrumentals into a holistic work of music art. Listen here to a song selection:

Schweigend Die Eiskalte Cola … (acoustic New-Topical-Song)

Sei Erneuernd! [Der Star Song]; (acoustic New-Topical-Song)

Something’s Crushin’ In – Part Two – (acoustic New-Topical-Song)

Deep Cuts On The Edge Of Life – An Der Grenze um Leben (acoustic New-Topical-Song)

Strange But True Love Turnin’ On (acoustic New-Topical-Song)

Das Neue Männerbild (acoustic New-Topical-Song)

Tender Mystery (Orgastica-DJ instrumental)

The World Of Your Love (Orgastica-DJ instrumental)

Deep Like Your Emotions (Orgastica-DJ instrumental)

Dreams And Their Mysteries (Orgastica-DJ instrumental)

Eines Poeten Traum (Cyberpoetry by Mirakali)

Dimensionen (Cyberpoetry by Mirak

More songs and movies: www.MichelMontecrossa.com

Mirakali: www.Mirakali.net


Concert Videos