Michel Montecrossa Quotes & Topics A-Z

This article presents a continuously updated A-Z index presenting quotations, views and statements by Michel Montecrossa (www.MichelMontecrossa.com), 21st century’s outstanding musician & writer & painter & moviemaker and philosopher.


Michel Montecrossa about art:
“Art in all forms opens for us the gates to the worlds of consciousness. This is the true meaning of art and not merely the form, style or technique. My work in the fields of music, filmproduction, painting, architecture, literature, poetry and philosophy opens some of these doors.”


Barack Obama
Michel Montecrossa on ‘New President’ and Barack Obama:
“I wrote and composed the song ‘New President’ as an inspiration to be truthful, to bring peace and unity of all mankind. I have sent this song to Barack Obama who liked it and was thankful for getting it. Barack Obama answered to Michel Montecrossa on 25th October 2008:
‘Keep on moving with your saving message.’

Barack Obama is the hope that the American Dream comes back again for the best of all – the true American Dream of liberty and happiness in a world of unlimited possibilities. He can bring a new outlook to politics for a better future.
In the song ‘New President’ the key-message is:
‘New President, New Power, New Action, New Intentions and I hope for sure: new also the direction.
Don’t be another President but be the true President telling truth, bringing peace, working for World-Union on this earth.’”


“Alien Visits”, says Michel Montecrossa, (‘Alien Visits’ is the title of Michel Montecrossa’s authorized multimedia biography)  “is not limited to linear reading but open to intuitive reading, listening, seeing. My life is not on the surface. It is not one-dimensional. It is interactive and expresses itself always new and different in reaction to every given moment. The intuitive quality therefore is essential for understanding and entering into my life-stream. Alien Visits is a magic multimedia box. Open it and dive into cyberrock-experience-world. Freely choose any of the artbooks, read the line that attracts your attention, experience the art, listen to songs or enter into the energy of the movies. Let the uniqueness of that very moment speak and you will experience my biography as much as you experience yourself. Every time you do this you will always find a new dimension, a new door opening before your inner and outer eyes. My biography ultimately happens in the ever progressing now, it is living in the truth and walking on the mirror.”


“Who is the child of tomorrow? Is it the one that comes with the sense of unity, peace, love and joy ending all bloodshed and bitter misunderstanding?
The child of tomorrow is first born in us who already live. Are we living unity, peace, love and joy?
Think straight and you know the answer of the future.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Child Of Tomorrow’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

‘Festival Of Light’ expresses the universal meaning of christmas as the birth of light, love and peace on earth – values which are meaningful to every human being and the basis of true progress for a better future.
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa – pressinfo for his CD ‘Festival Of Light’)

Michel Montecrossa says: “‘My Christmas’ are heartfelt songs of insight, tenderness, love and hope for a better future. They are not sentimental but straightforward with warmth and beauty.
They experience christmas as the return of light, the light of consciousness which gives a vaster understanding. It is intelligent music for intelligent people.”

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa; pressinfo for his CD ‘My Christmas’ – Michel Montecrossa sings Alternative Christmas Songs of Hope, Love and Beauty)

Climate Change

“The demons that ride humanity are like volcanos erupting, like waves surging, like thunderstorms growling, like cyclones howling, like fire screaming, like earthquakes rumbling, like sunrays burning, like ice melting, like oceans and rivers rising, like deserts expanding, like global warming, like ice-age coming, like climate changing, like air mutating, like water fading – the brain echoes of the planet’s language, the call of evolution, the drive of consciousness growing.
From within or from without: It’s the way of change. Listen to the planet, listen to the soul, understand destiny and know what to do.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his 6 CD-Box of the ‘Planet’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

“At the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2009 in Mirapuri me and my band perform our 10 days ‘Alternative Future’ concert series. During these concerts we present topical songs dealing with the life on our rapidly changing earth and the impact these changes have on our future.
We all have to face times when we can no longer switch back the clock or overlook the facts that give a new meaning and reality to our life.
We have to adapt quickly to the existential problems of risin’ food-, energy- and housing-prices, dwindling natural resources, energy wars, growing pollution, deterioration of human values, work, wages and education along with global climate change.
The next future will be as good as is our present goodwill, understanding, awareness and consciousness.
The ‘Alternative Future’ concerts turn to this future with high-energy songs and lyrics that put right what went wrong, make you listen and make you think.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his 10 days ‘Alternative Future’ Concerts at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2009 in Mirapuri)

“Green tomorrow comes with a change of consciousness.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Green Tomorrow’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“Courage and love are needed most in times of crisis.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Courage & Love’ Cybermetal & Climate Change Concert)

Michel Montecrossa about his CREATION Art Exhibition:
“To be a creator means entering the infinity of the Great Consciousness. And that is the purpose and meaning of my art.”

“My music is Cyberrock as well as Cybersymphony. Futuristic Cyberrock and futuristic Cybersymphony. I do it with my band and orchestra, 21st century style. Of course it also goes on into the 24th century. It’s Cyberrock and Metal Fusion and it’s also Power-Dance and Techno-Dancedrive with a healthy dose of Nu-Romance and the wide ranges of Cybersymphony. Anyway, it’s Cyberrock and Cybersymphony unified. You see, I come from a background of do it yourself ethics and together with my musicians I create something quite new. Well, it’s Cybermusic. The music and the lyrics go together and have this strong message of power, love, peace and happiness. In my music the hero is Bruce Lee and in my poetry and my songlyrics it’s Picasso. That means I do in my music what Bruce Lee was doin’ in martial art and I do in my lyrics what Picasso did in his paintings … So better come to the show!”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his music)

“Cyber Rock is the fusion of Electronica and Guitar Power Rock with a healthy dose of Nu-Romance, Dance Drive and Metal and Slam Poetry Songlyrics, expressing everything that is moving us today.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa interviewed by Gianni Mongrandi)



Michel Montecrossa says about his ‘DEEP BRAIN’ Art Exhibition:
“My art is Deep-Brain-Art evolving in unison with the pulse of time in the heart and vision of humanity.
Deep-Brain-Art is experience-art and brings to the front the revealed and creatively activated mystery of consciousness.
Deep-Brain-Art is one with the morphogenetic field of the people of the world to do them good.
Deep-Brain-Art is showing the experience of happiness, love, insight, wisdom and the smiling and indomitable creative joy of powerful peace.
The mission of my Deep-Brain-Art is to bring these future-oriented qualities to the awareness of the people all over the world.
For completing this cultural mission my Deep-Brain-Art paintings & drawings join forces with my music, books and movies to create a full-stream-of-consciousness event for an international audience.
During the ‘DEEP BRAIN’ Art Exhibition you are warmly invited to come in stimulating contact with all these aspects of my work.”


“Mother earth is all we have – don’t fool around with her.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Mother Earth’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“A radical and total change of consciousness leads to a green earth.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Green Earth’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“The ‘Sweet Earth’ production”, says Michel Montecrossa, “are songs for planet earth, they sing for our future. We have to see, hear and understand the signals of earth if we do not want to lose our future and the world along with it. Each one of my songs speaks in music for a better tomorrow, gives the taste and the feeling of a One World Consciousness. They are peoples songs, they are songs of encouragement to do the right thing to save the climate of our earth both inside and outside of us.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his Double CD ‘Sweet Earth – Save The Climate Of Our Earth #1′)

“The earth mystery is revealed in every blooming rose and in our feeling of how lovely and fair she is.
The earth mystery is revealed in every moment of soul meeting nature and of nature touching soul. The earth mystery is revealed when in love we turn to her.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Earth Mystery’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

Ecological Music
“Ecological music is holistic, friendly and intelligent. It stands for the good, shows character, is strong with healthy life, makes you wake up from a fool’s dream.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Ecological Music’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

“No eros without devotion. No cosmos without body. No joy without dance. No music without girls. No home without love.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Erotic Devotion’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


“The male and female secret meet in her eyes black as night. They behold the archetypal mother and the sun-father. Temptation and desire are the atomic energy that blasts the prison of your mind.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Her Eyes Black As Night’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

Françoise Hardy

“Françoise Hardy brings a rare vision of beauty, charm and wonder to songmusic. With her voice and personality she has opened the door to a feeling which is both heavenly and sensual. Her music is in a simple and honest way free from limiting bondage to superficial trends and the soundstructures surrounding her are expressive of this unique european – mediterranean flair which is loved all over the world. Françoise Hardy is the sweet and touching artist of taste, freshness and emotion making a light shine through her apparent fragility – the light of her strong soul. It is in appreciation of these qualities of Françoise Hardy’s music and art that I made this production. ‘Time to Change’ is my own way of expression. It is different but at the same time close to the same inner source which is behind Françoise’s way of telling things. The selection of songs which Françoise Hardy performed includes ‘Love Me Tender’, probably the only song in which Elvis Presley participated as original songwriter. To many of the other songs Françoise Hardy wrote the lyrics. The music is composed by various artists which I all like, in particular Michel Berger and Jaques Lacome. All original french lyrics were translated by me into english except ‘Message Personnel’ which was translated by Françoise Hardy and Michel Berger. In addition to the songs originally performed by Françoise Hardy I contribute my own songs; songs which I love to sing for Françoise as a warm greeting and ‘Thank You’ for her great music of tender strength.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about Françoise Hardy and his CD ‘Time To Change’)

“Future lives, is from dreams. Dreams are made of delight. Delight gives birth to life. Life is freedom. Check out what you do.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Check Out What You Do’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


Genetic Expansion
“Genetic expansion is the key to the future. It’s not effected, it develops. It’s the cure for error and suffering, gives cosmic vision and sentiment.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Genetic Expansion’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


“The global message is the message of union for the best of all.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Global Message’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

Global Warming

“Me and my musicians are convinced that music can move higher energies. To sing for peace and combat global warming is for me a deepest inner need that I share with a growing number of the human family all over the world. I am singing for all of them and for a better future. My songs are not merely information. They are message and call to cooperate for saving the earth of all of us and in this sense they are also a prayer-chant.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa interviewed by Gianni Mongrandi)


“Humanity and world-unity are the saving message.
It is a saving message and true victory to be always on the side of freedom and progress with courage and love.
It brings to our world the living celebration of humanity and opens the way to world-unity.
Then the day comes when all barriers have fallen, within and around us and we can feel like the bird that opens its wings for an unopposed soar.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the historic internet opening concert of the Courage & Love Climate Change Concert Tour 2009)





“Do you hear it laughing in the political kindergarten? Do you hear it laughing in the war of words? What I really want is love till the end. Laughing is what I understand. The next turn is coming and I am waiting at the bend.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Laughing’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“Life for all is the answer to every kind of war.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Life For All’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)


“Sunlight gives health and joy and makes us dance. Turn to the light and you will feel the one. Turn to the dark and you’ll lose your heart.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Sunlight Dance’ Concert – Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009)

“Life needs light: the light from the sun, the light from consciousness.
Both together give us unlimited energy.
It is wise to turn to the light – it gives the answer, for it is the answer.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Life & Light’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

“Love revolution is the only revolution worth the trouble.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Living On A Planet’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“Love unites, not war and hate.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Love Unites’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“Is loveworld utopia or is it real? Today’s dream is tomorrow’s real. When all fails, love survives. That’s why loveworld will never die.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Loveworld’ Cyberrock New Year Concert)

“Intelligence is perfect when it serves love. Civilization is beautiful when it expresses love. Man is at peace when satisfied by love. The earth is paradise when embraced by love. Loveaction is good action, is the greatest action.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Loveaction’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

“No dope equals the hunger for love.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Only The Hungry Shall Survive’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

“Love brings peace not war. Love dissolves the human habit of being unkind to each other.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Peace And Love’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


‘My song lyrics are cyberbeat-poetry makin’ love with the good and the bad, the great and the small, the noble and the vulgar. They are surges from the ocean of consciousness through which I speed with the spaceship of my personality. They are near and far, within and without …’
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his book ’Song Lyrics #1′ presenting 1144 song lyrics)


Michel Montecrossa
“I grew up in an environment of freedom and do-it-yourself ethics. My father played violin in Memphis, my mother was singing in a choir in Vienna. They met in Paris, and when I was born they joined a travelin’ artists group doin’ all kinds of performances in the States and on the way from France up to India and back: acting, happenings, music – all kinds of shows.
As a child I was fascinated by electronical experimental soundstructures which were used by the group for dance and lightshows. I was about five when I created an electronical soundimage for an art-happening. As a teenager I made films and played guitar. Many ideas from that time grew into songs afterwards. A free-mind stand, saying and singing what one is doing is a natural thing to me. My story is in the music, my life is the message. … It’s the challenge of taking the responsibility for your life with courage, high spirit, dedication to music, commitment to those who listen.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about himself in an interview with the journalist Diana Oslow)

“Song-music and instrumental-music”, says Michel Montecrossa, “both have the same origin in the highest creative consciousness. They are two ways for expressing the joy, the energy, the tenderness and the happy feeling of life coming through consciousness expanding experience. Song-music and instrumental-music in their cyber-modern as well as in their classical-modern forms are therefore a harmoniously self-fulfilling completeness in my artistic work. My concerts are the live presentation of this creative unity, in a future oriented way bringing together song- and instrumental music.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa in video interview ‘My Music’)

“I’m convinced that music can change the world if it commands the necessary intelligence and inspiring quality.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa interviewed by Gianni Mongrandi)



Michel Montecrossa:
“My New-Topical-Song-Movement is there to bring to the people the songs that inspire and to bring them fast. To make CDs and DVDs, songbooks, programs, songsheets, concerts.
To distribute the songs globally via internet, shops, radio & TV and get the messages discussed and cited in newspapers, magazines, talk shows, social networks and gatherings.
The New-Topical-Songs are songs for the people and a world where we all vote, eat, work, talk, plan, think and love together so that your people will know my people and we don’t lose the peace and the world along with it.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his New-Topical-Song-Movement)

Nobel Peace Prize

Michel Montecrossa dedicates his song and video ‘True Politics #2′ to President Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Award. This song is a reminder to do the right.
Michel Montecrossa is the European-American artist who accompanied the election campaign of the president and dedicated a song to Barack Obama (‘New President‘) when he was “only” a candidate.
Northern Mythology

 ”There is a power in northern mythology that holds the key to courage, love and climate change and to a totally futurist outlook and consciousness.”

(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Viking Spirit’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)




“Peace for all is the next step of human evolution – the step into planetary understanding and a consciousness change that makes us ready for space-age and its marvelous possibilities.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Peace For All’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“You know that peace is right even when you do the wrong. The strongest are the most peaceful.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Let There Be Peace’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

“If you want to live on a planet you have to be loyal and respectful to the life of the planet.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Living On A Planet’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

Michel Montecrossa Song Lyrics are poetry for the future. Through them he discloses the innumerable mind-shaking dynamic springs of consciousness expanding thought action that comes from the future.
Michel Montecrossa in his Song Lyrics articulates the world in a new, exciting and deeply moving way, liberating from soulless abstractions, breaking through the insensible surface of conformity, reanimating bold creative insight, intense sensuality and thrilling wisdom.
Michel Montecrossa is 21st century Cyberbeat poetry abundant with genius and most communicative expressiveness, satisfying every lover of forward looking, inspired and powerfully innovative poetry.
(Reference: press release for Michel Montecrossa’s book ‘Song Lyrics #2′ presenting 606 song lyrics)

True Politics is the one leading to peace and to freedom beyond systems and wars, beyond conflicts and ideologies, beyond all the walls of the human mind.
True politics is the one leading to the growing joy beyond barbed wire fences, beyond concentration camps and ethnic slaughter, beyond all the instincts of the human animal.
True politics is the one the soul will understand ’cause it’s talking true, ’cause it does what it says,
’cause love is its keyword and the happy vision of a higher world.
True politics is the one everyone will surely like from east to west, from north to south on this earth and any other, now and in the future.
True politics is the one uniting the whole world, removing borders and bombs, founding a new science and World Culture of Truth, of conscious becoming.
True politics is the one which began one day with a change on earth but indeed was there a long time, my friend, in a Mind of Light.
– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)
(Reference: song lyrics for Michel Montecrossa’s song ‘True Politics #2′)




“Who’s the king? And who is coming? It’s the erotic mind that’s ready for the answers. It’s all about relations. Good relations are answers. Bad relations are disasters. Man and woman, boy and girl, earth and life, future and past, climate and war, energy and war, food and war, liberty and hate, love and love …”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘The King Is Comin’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)



“Good times, bad times, work, no work, worry, happiness, peace, revolution, catastrophe, war and isms: In all we need solidarity to find our way through, to come out of mean and low treatment, to help each other, to go beyond narrow thinking, to make life better and to live and celebrate humanity.
In my songs I sing and speak my mind so that you and me can get together and let new ideas grow like trees and flowers because we believe in something and understand the good of solidarity, of working together, of caring for earth and people and honest peace.
Solidarity is what my new topical song movement is about.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his Solidarity Solo Acoustic Concert)

“A song,” Michel Montecrossa says “is no song unless you can sing it alone with your soul and voice and guitar before the whole world. Only if it is like that you may also sing it together with a wild band or a mega-orchestra. But the real songs are great with just a voice and a straight guitar. Tunes that need big fiddle-farting to give them something like an existence are just a bluff, not really there.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Cool On The Other Side’)

Michel Montecrossa’s genius-way of creating and performing intelligent and emotionally sensitive songmusic reaches with ‘Something’s Crushin’ In’ the height of intensity that can make a lone balladeer the voice of the world and can make the world listen.

‘Something’s Crushin’ In’ features twelve Michel Montecrossa master songs touching the criminal heart of our time of fear, anguish, war, pain and suffering as well as the soul of our time with its love and bright hopes that have never been so strongly and poignantly visible as in our contradictory and brutal world of today.

(Reference: press release for Michel Montecrossa’s Unplugged Audio CD & DVD ‘Something’s Crushin’ In’)

Michel Montecrossa says: “As a songwriter and performing artist it is my duty to do the best I can for helping to ease the pain, suffering and fear through positive and intelligent songs. ‘End All Your Wars’ as well as the other productions ( ‘Festival Of Light‘, ‘Song Of Love‘, ‘Weltpolitik‘ and ‘New Message‘ ) form a body of work addressed to an audience that wants to listen, wants to find a way through the dark tunnel, wants to love and look forward.”


“There is an intimate relation between man’s soul and the earth.

It is a right relation when it is conscious, harmonious and full of light.
It is wrong and brings trouble when it is dark and distorted by greed and lies.
The truth of a relation is determined by its intensity and wideness of love.
Environment and survival, ecology and economy, peace and war, progress and preservation, health and transformation are poles for the love and hate energies that determine the relation of man’s soul with earth. It is up to man to decide until the earth decides.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Soul & Earth’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

“Space-age drive is bound to come if we want to survive. The answers are in the wideness, not in smallness.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Space Age Drive’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)


“Believe In Your Dream is a straightforward topical song”, says Michel Montecrossa, “on the true spirit of sport, on the power of aspiration and endurance that burns at the centre of true sportsmanship. It is a song about the true ideal that gives so much hope.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his OLYMPIC song and movie ’Believe In Your Dream’)

Believe in your dream. Hear fortune sing. Listen – and change your scene. Standin’ still is no deal.

Stand up for your dream. Conquer strength and will. See the chance within. Take hold of the best thing to win.

Don’t give up! Never stop! Fight and gain the power! You’re the winner – you are real! Believe in your destiny!

Fulfil your dream. In your dream is the key. Your victory is near. Reach the goal and be free.
– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)

About ‘Sunraygeneration’ Michel Montecrossa says: “Soul and sun are the good comrades for the journey of life. They are happy and heroic. They are earth-planet and future-humanity in love.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the CD ‘Sunraygeneration’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

“Sun and peace are two sides of the same soul. Something is coming and it is coming from within. Sun and peace are lovers, they will always win.
Sun and peace together are the answer of the soul.
Sun and peace together for the good of all.
Sun and peace together for the world to come.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Sun And Peace’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)


“The survival formula is no formula at all. It’s lovemakin’. The strong, the tender, the peacekeepers, the peacegivers, the christs and the devils – all want to survive, want to live forever.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Godlike’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


“The truth is peace and world union”, says Michel Montecrossa.
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa – Pressinfo for his CD ‘New Message’ – Michel Montecrossa’s Song Answer To The Question Of War)


“Unity is cool – it’s foolproof.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Unity Is Cool’ Cyberrock & Climate Change Concert)

“Vast is the universe, is made of ecstasy soul-vomit.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘Das Weite’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


“Love is Divine. Emotion is Human. Arousal is Terrestrial.
The drive of consciousness gives vision. Vision shows cosmic unity. Unity gives peace and joy.
Tomorrow’s world-leaders are astronauts. They see how small our planet is and how great is love. They see the tenderness and fragility of the earth’s atmosphere.
Love unites and is good for the earth and its atmosphere.
When you reach the contact with the Divine’s love you see this love in everything and all circumstances.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about the ‘Future Vision’ Cyberrock & Slam Poetry Song Concert)

Voice Of Peace

Michel Montecrossa is today’s most outstanding voice of peace. With his great lyrics, songtunes and inimitable power of all-out acoustic performance he reaches the heart and mind of a worldwide audience. He sings like no one else about the universal meaning of peace and love as the foremost message for our world. His is the creative genius that can easily and convincingly stand alone with his guitar in any place and sing his songs in a way that makes people feel better.
(Reference: Pressinfo for Michel Montecrossa’s CD ‘Voice Of Peace)


War is hell, wherever it starts. / It turns into a bullet once it burns in your heart. / Armies are marching, shakin’ the ground. / But it’s in your mind where love first is turned down.
War is hell, ’bout that there’s no doubt. / It harms and destroys the Worldsoul’s house, / takes up all your lies to make you foolish and loud. / And it’s in your mind where love first is blown out.
War is hell, whatever you might say. / It starts with a quarrel, leads you astray. / It’s in every moment if you aren’t awake. / And it’s up to you to let love go all the way.
There are a million reasons, but the Truth is one. / Compassion and trust are stronger than arms. / The loving embrace is what everybody wants. / And it’s only together that we can reach the dawn.
War is hell, wherever it starts. / It turns into a bullet once it burns in your heart. / Armies are marching, shakin’ the ground. / But it’s in your mind where love first is turned down.
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa – song lyrics for his song ‘War Is Hell’)
.Michel Montecrossa says: “The twenty songs of ‘End All Your Wars’ are arranged to create a coherent atmosphere of intelligent, mature and kindhearted feelings which are profound but not complicated; feelings that make it easy to follow the story. The songs of ‘End All Your Wars’ are no kiddin’ stuff, no cheap entertainment. They are prepared to make a stand, they don’t hold back, they don’t hide or pretend. They look forward and give hope, they are on the side of love and happiness.
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘End All Your Wars’)


“There is no future for us without clean water or no water at all”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his EXPO 2008 water-awareness song and movie ‘Water Is Life’)

WATER IS LIFE – LYRICS  (song & lyrics by Michel Montecrossa)
Water is life. Water is life. Water is the cradle of our life. Water is the Mother of all life. My hands are kissed by the rain. My lips are wet with the mighty spring. My body is embraced by the wonderful sea. My thirst is quenched, I am happy and free. Water is life. Water is the helping might. Water is the powerful guide into tomorrow’s, tomorrow’s earthly paradise.
Children, be happy! Children, be free! Children, be thankful for every day you can live! Dive into the ocean! Yes, swim in the sea and jump yeah, jump into the river! Drink the water, feel at ease! Water for the city. Water for the land. Water for the future: It is our planet’s life, do you understand?
Water, yes, water is our friend.
– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa – song lyrics of his EXPO 2008 water-awareness song and movie ‘Water Is Life’)

Michel Montecrossa über ‘Weltpolitik’:
“Die Weltpolitik von der ich singe ist eine Weltpolitik des Herzens.
Sie lebt in der Seele des Menschen durch Freude, Mitgefühl, Liebe und Grösse.
Sie ist stark mit dem Traum der Weltvereinigung, in der die Völker und Kulturen zusammenarbeiten für die Verwirklichung einer besseren Zukunft des Friedens und des Fortschritts.”
Michel Montecrossa ist ein ultramoderner und richtungsweisender Künstler, der in seinen Liedern und Texten das Empfinden für den Einzelnen und dessen Leben immer mit der Empfindung für das grosse Einbezogensein in das Weltgeschehen verbindet.
Michel Montecrossa zeigt in dieser Verbindung, wie in jedem gelebten Augenblick eine grössere Bedeutung und die Ahnung oder auch Enthüllung grösserer Möglichkeiten zu uns spricht.
Die Frage nach Freiheit und Überleben, Hoffnungen und Lösungen, Einsicht, Möglichkeiten und Wandlungen sind der Stoff aus dem Michel Montecrossa’s Kunst entsteht.
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa – Pressinfo for his CD ‘Weltpolitik’; CD title translated: world politics)

“To be conscious means to work. To work means to grow. Welcome to consciousness-growth!”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘I’m Workin’ ‘ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)


THIS WORLD IS MY WORLD  Song lyrics by Michel Montecrossa

This World is my World, this World is your World, it is beautiful and round, a globe of splendor circling
round a central sun.
This World is my World, this World is your World, she is the symbol and the Real of all our souls can ever dream.
This World is my World, this World is your World, we are the guardians and the helpers for her way into the Morn.
This World is my World, this World is your World, honor her and always know: we are here for her highest Dawn.
– Michel Montecrossa (© Mira Sound Germany)

World Energy
“The world is energy’s love-fest child. The cyberviking power of space-age, the future love dance.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his CD ‘World Energy Love-Fest’ – Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2008)

“The future is world unity”, says Michel Montecrossa, “if we want our world to be a happy world. My world I want to be a happy world.”
(Reference: Michel Montecrossa about his great WORLD UNITY song and movie ‘This World Is My World’)




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