Michel Montecrossa’s Singles & Albums before 2008 – Part 11; selected press releases


Michel Montecrossa’s Valentine’s Day Album

Like A Woman Rich With Love‘Like A Woman Rich With Love’, Michel Montecrossa’s Valentine’s Day CD-Plus Album presents 15 heartbeat-songs including the deeply touching ‘Sweet Anguish Of Love’, the happy ‘Springmeadow’ the all time titlesong ‘Like A Woman Rich With Love‘ and the bonus video ‘ As I’m Rolling Past A Tiny House’.

For Valentine’s Day Michel Montecrossa presents his earthy and heavenly song-art with touching and heartfelt beats and moods, opening the album with the all time hit ‘Like A Woman Rich With Love’ leading straight into the groovy ‘Reality On Its Own’, ‘Tomorrow’s Change’ and the swinging ‘I Found You’.

The profound-poetic ‘Sweet Anguish Of Love’ is the door to the pure ‘Innocence’, the happy ‘Springmeadow’ and the thoughtful ‘Summersong’ (presented in the studio and the live version).

The romantic-yearning hits ‘No More Alone’ and ‘Horses Are Strong’ and the powerful ‘Last Tower’ lead to the worldsong ‘Oh, So Many Souls’, the masterful live-version of ‘Summersong’ and the deeply felt concluding songs ‘African Sunset’ and ‘Weeping Man On A Bench’ giving expression to the most universal and compassionate side of love.

The sweet-erotic bonus video presents the free cinema version of the bluesy lovesong ‘As I’m Rolling Past A Tiny House’.

The Songs:Like A Woman Rich With Love‘, ‘Reality On Its Own’, ‘Tomorrow’s Change’, ‘I Found You’, ‘Sweet Anguish Of Love’, ‘Innocence’, ‘Springmeadow’, ‘Summersong’, ‘No More Alone’, ‘Horses Are Strong’, ‘Last Tower’, ‘Oh, So Many Souls’, ‘Summersong (Live Version)’, ‘African Sunset’, ‘Weeping Man On A Bench’
The Video: ‘As I’m Rolling Past A Tiny House’


Michel Montecrossa’s Carnival Party

Cybercarnival‘Cybercarnival’, Michel Montecrossa’s carnival party CD-Plus features 15 cybercarnival-hits including the super-songs: ‘Cyberdisco‘, ‘Cyberspace’, ‘Cyberpunk’ and the bonus video ‘Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride’.

The party goes on with Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Cybercarnival’ and the rocky openers ‘Get The Feel’ and ‘Cyberrockin’ And Reelin”.

The electrifying driving ‘Cyberwarrior’ and mangawild ‘Cyberchant’ lead to the cyberspeed-songhighway-hits ‘Cyberpunk’, ‘Cybershe’, ‘Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride’ (featured also as magnificent live-video), ‘Cyberspace’ and ‘Cyberdisco’.

The hot-red-sexy songs ‘Uncensored’, ‘Rock Me And Chase Me’, ‘You’re A Friend In The Night’ and ‘Ideal Night’ lead to the charming finale-songs of Michel Montecrossa’s cybercarnival: ‘I Ain’t Got No Trouble’ and ‘The Dance’.

The Songs: ‘Get The Feel’, ‘Cyberrockin’ And Reelin”, ‘Cyberwarrior’, ‘Cyberchant’, ‘Cyberpunk’, ‘Cybershe’, ‘Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride’, ‘Cyberspace’, ‘Cyberdisco‘, ‘Uncensored’, ‘Rock Me And Chase Me’, ‘You’re A Friend In The Night’, ‘Ideal Night’, ‘I Ain’t Got No Trouble’ and ‘The Dance’
The Music-Video: ‘Cyberhoney Skateboard Ride’



Cyberflame‘Cyberflame’, the Radio Edition CD-Plus of Michel Montecrossa’s fantastic New Year Concert 2002 with 14 genius-songs including the hits: ‘Soft Skin’, ‘Green Valley Of Love’, ‘Real Rockin’‘ and ‘What You Wanna Do, Do It Now’ and the New Year song video for ‘Soft Skin’.

New Year, Carnival, Valentine’s Day are the great party and dancefloor events leading all fest-loving folks into the months ahead.

Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa opened the New Year with his fantastic ‘Cyberflame New Year Concert 2002’ and a big bang of genius-songs ranging from the cosmic ‘Cybermoon’, the groovy ‘Cyberflame And The Elevator Boss’ as well as ‘All Night Rockin” and ‘I’ll Take You’, to the trance-hit ‘Soft Skin’ which is the enthusiastically celebrated New Year 2002 song (presented also as bonus video).

The thrilling dance-hit ‘What You Wanna Do, Do It Now’ leads from the elegant waltz ‘Green Valley Of Love’ and the country-hit ‘Me And My Woman’ to cyberrock pure with the powersongs ‘Real Rockin”, ‘Highwaykisses’ and ‘Good People Rock’.

The strong and tender finale opens with the sensual ‘Erotic Lady’, goes on with the romantic-stimulating ‘Sex Is Smooth’ and reaches its climax with the heartfelt ‘World Love Song’.

The Songs: ‘Cybermoon’, ‘Cyberflame And The Elevator Boss’, ‘All Night Rockin”, ‘I’ll Take You’, ‘Soft Skin’, ‘Green Valley Of Love’, ‘Me And My Woman’, ‘What You Wanna Do, Do It Now’, ‘Real Rockin’‘, ‘Highwaykisses’, ‘Good People Rock’, ‘Erotic Lady’, ‘Sex Is Smooth’ and ‘World Love Song’
The Music-Video: ‘Soft Skin’


Michel Montecrossa sings Michel Montecrossa, Bob Dylan, Hank Williams,
Robbie Robertson, Holly Sherwood, Cher, Françoise Hardy

Cyberborn‘Cyberborn’, the new Michel Montecrossa CD-Plus released by Mira Sound Germany presents the new Cyberdisco Hit Sound of Michel Montecrossa.

Michel Montecrossa sings 8 original songs including the Ecstasy Hits ‘Baby I Love You’, ‘The Riddle Of You’ and ‘Born’.

Michel Montecrossa also sings 7 songs of other artists among them ‘Po Boy’ from Bob Dylan’s CD ‘Love And Theft’ and an unreleased version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Need A Woman’.

‘Cyberborn’ in addition to the 15 songstracks presents 4 Avantgarde Michel Montecrossa Videos: the Luis Bunuel style video for Bob Dylan’s ‘Po Boy’, the Andy Warhol style video for Hank Williams’ ‘I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind’ (which Bob Dylan also covers on the ‘Timeless’ Hank Williams Tribute) and the Cyberdisco Laser Hit video for Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Baby I Love You’ and ‘The Riddle Of You’.

‘Cyberborn’ is an Interactive Multimedia CD-Plus with 15 songtracks and 4 MPEG videos and Internetlinks.

The ‘Cyberborn’ Songs:
Michel Montecrossa:The Riddle Of You‘, ‘Baby I Love You‘, ‘Get A Taste Of Her’, ‘Cybershag’, ‘Cyberpower’, ‘Wet Fantasy’, ‘Wet Sensation’, ‘Born’
Bob Dylan:Po Boy‘, ‘Need A Woman’
Hank Williams:I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind
Robbie Robertson: ‘Take Your Partner By The Hand’
Cher: ‘All Or Nothing’
Holly Sherwood: ‘Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young’ (from the movie: ‘Streets Of Fire’)
Françoise Hardy: ‘Mer’ (Sea)

Michel Montecrossa about ‘Cyberborn’: “‘Cyberborn’ is highcontrast action-singing with lyrics like a take-off. ‘Cyberborn’ is cybernetic new love – old love fusion. The digits of your brain switched on for full tilt here and now consciousness-expansion. New love – old love: these songs are about love. My songs sing of the new love, the love living free in the splendor of the new consciousness, the consciousness of Futureman, the consciousness of tomorrow. Love not burdened with dead past, free mind love with every cell of your body joy electrified.
I also sing a bouquet of songs originally performed by Bob Dylan, Hank Williams, Robbie Robertson, Cher, Holly Sherwood and Françoise Hardy telling the story of old love, the way of yesterday: sweet – sad, happy – tormented, struggling to step out of the encasement into the light.
All the songs, new and old alike, move into multidimensional directions and are united in the same center of joy: eternal love.”

The Songs:The Riddle Of You‘, ‘Po’ Boy‘, ‘Baby I Love You‘, ‘I Can’t Get You Off Of My Mind‘, ‘Get A Taste Of Her’, ‘Need A Woman’, ‘Cybershag’, ‘Take Your Partner By The Hand’, ‘Cyberpower’, ‘All Or Nothing’, ‘Wet Fantasy’, ‘Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young’, ‘Wet Sensation’, ‘Mer’, ‘Born’



End All Your Wars‘End All Your Wars’ released by Mira Sound Germany, presents 20 deeply touching Worldpeace songs by Michel Montecrossa, including two german songs and the interpretation of a Johnny Cash song.

Since 11th September 2001 Michel Montecrossa is tirelessly working with his band The Chosen Few on new and meaningful productions as a powerful and heartfelt music answer in times of terror and war.

The American and International Radio Feedbacks are expressed in the words: “Many thanks to the band and the company for permanent good music showing the band’s participation at the worldwide changes.”

Michel Montecrossa says: “As a songwriter and performing artist it is my duty to do the best I can for helping to ease the pain, suffering and fear through positive and intelligent songs. ‘End All Your Wars’ as well as the other recent productions ‘Festival Of Light‘, ‘Song Of Love‘, ‘Weltpolitik‘ and ‘New Message‘ form a body of work addressed to an audience that wants to listen, wants to find a way through the dark tunnel, wants to love and look forward.”

‘End All Your Wars’ presents 20 Worldpeace songs including Michel Montecrossa’s all time message songs ‘End All Your Wars‘ and the touching ‘Soft Skin‘ as well as two german songs: ‘Frieden Lacht‘ and ‘Wahre Liebe‘. As bonus track Michel Montecrossa masterfully performs the Johnny Cash song ‘Man In Black‘.

Michel Montecrossa says: “The twenty songs of ‘End All Your Wars’ are arranged to create a coherent atmosphere of intelligent, mature and kindhearted feelings which are profound but not complicated; feelings that make it easy to follow the story. The songs of ‘End All Your Wars’ are no kiddin’ stuff, no cheap entertainment. They are prepared to make a stand, they don’t hold back, they don’t hide or pretend. They look forward and give hope, they are on the side of love and happiness.
The twenty songs are an all time message for everybody. In a way the first ten songs have a certain grown up flair, the emotion of insight which comes through life experience. The other ten songs are turning more to the young: the one’s with fresh enthusiasm, the one’s who begin to discover their ideal, who feel the love, who try to understand what was and what will be, who want to know who they are, into what world they are born and what is their mission.
The CD comes along with a booklet including all songlyrics and guitar-chords so that we can sing together the tunes of love and peace.”

The Songs:End All Your Wars‘, ‘Man In Black‘, ‘As The Battle Came To An End’, ‘Ballad Of Lost Dreams’, ‘Next Time When We’ll Meet’, ‘Frieden Lacht‘, ‘If All Of Us Would Know The Truth’, ‘Good Song’, ‘Festival Of Light’, ‘Embrace’, ‘Come With Me, Ye Singers’, ‘Me And My Woman’, ‘Talkin’ Caesar Rock’, ‘Talkin’ Napoleon Rock’, ‘Augustus Blues’, ‘Children’s Glory’, ‘Wahre Liebe‘, ‘Everyone Needs Beauty’, ‘Soft Skin‘, ‘This World Is My World, This World Is Your World’




Festival Of Light‘Festival Of Light’ – Michel Montecrossa’s Christmas Concert 2001 presents 12 beautiful worldpeace songs, including two German songs (‘Weltfrieden‘ and ‘Freundschaft ist Groovy‘) and the symphonic video ‘The Perfect Way’.

‘Festival Of Light’ presents not only Michel Montecrossa’s sovereign art of songwriting and power of expression but also the masterful beauty of his symphonic music and art of filmmaking with the Music-Video ‘The Perfect Way’.

The Video visualizes the overture of Michel Montecrossa’s modern classical symphony ‘The Perfect Way’ together with words of Mira Alfassa about the expansion of consciousness for a happier life.

‘Festival Of Light’ expresses the universal meaning of christmas as the birth of light, love and peace on earth – values which are meaningful to every human being and the basis of true progress for a better future.

The Songs:Light‘, ‘Festival Of Light’, ‘Natural Queen’, ‘Childborn‘, ‘Rock Of Solid Gold’, ‘Golden Answer’, ‘Weltfrieden‘, ‘Freundschaft ist Groovy‘. ‘Silver Wings’, ‘At Your Side’, ‘Splendors Of True Love’ and ‘I Ain’t Got No Trouble’
The Video: ‘The Perfect Way’



Weltpolitik‘Weltpolitik’ ist Michel Montecrossa’s erste deutschsprachige CD-Plus, die sich mit 17 Songs und einem Video vom Standpunkt des Herzens auf die tragischen Ereignisse der jüngsten Zeit bezieht.

Michel Montecrossa über ‘Weltpolitik’:
“Die Weltpolitik von der ich singe ist eine Weltpolitik des Herzens.
Sie lebt in der Seele des Menschen durch Freude, Mitgefühl, Liebe und Grösse.
Sie ist stark mit dem Traum der Weltvereinigung, in der die Völker und Kulturen zusammenarbeiten für die Verwirklichung einer besseren Zukunft des Friedens und des Fortschritts.”

Mira Sound Germany veröffentlicht Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Weltpolitik’ im Vorfeld der Frankfurter Buchmesse, auf der zwei bedeutende schriftstellerische Werke von Michel Montecrossa vorgestellt werden, die beim Mirapuri-Verlag erscheinen:
Der Fantasy-Action Roman ‘Tarana‘ und die Dokumentation
Mirapuri – Stadt des Friedens und des Zukunftsmenschen‘.

Michel Montecrossa ist ein ultramoderner und richtungsweisender Künstler, der in seinen Liedern und Texten das Empfinden für den Einzelnen und dessen Leben immer mit der Empfindung für das grosse Einbezogensein in das Weltgeschen verbindet.
Michel Montecrossa zeigt in dieser Verbindung, wie in jedem gelebten Augenblick eine grössere Bedeutung und die Ahnung oder auch Enthüllung grösserer Möglichkeiten zu uns spricht.
Die Frage nach Freiheit und Überleben, Hoffnungen und Lösungen, Einsicht, Möglichkeiten und Wandlungen sind der Stoff aus dem Michel Montecrossa’s Kunst entsteht.

Die interaktive CD-Plus ‘Weltpolitik’ enthält zusätzlich zu den 17 Themensongs und dem MPEG-Video weiterführende Internetlinks.

The Songs:Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen‘, ‘Paradieslied’, ‘An Der Langen Strasse’, ‘Gift‘, ‘Weg Zum Erfolg’, ‘Der Bote’, ‘Menschen’, ‘Neue Ideen’, ‘Lichtinseln’, ‘Wir Fangen An’, ‘Menschheitspartei’, ‘Du’, ‘Politik Der Zukunft’, ‘Unser Weg’, ‘Freude’, ‘Das Buch Des Lebens‘, ‘Die Sanften Und Die Schönen
The Video: ‘Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen’


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