Michel Montecrossa’s Singles & Albums before 2008 – Part 12; selected press releases



New MessageMichel Montecrossa is one of the rare modern artists creating intelligent music. The question of war is certainly one of the most intriguing questions surrounding human life. And it is a delicate endeavor for any artist to touch this ‘Endzeit’ theme with vision and hope.

Michel Montecrossa is an artist who has this vision and capacity to show the signs of hope pointing the direction beyond the humanitarian failure which every war is.

“The truth is peace and world union”, says Michel Montecrossa and he masterfully and convincingly sings about this theme in his 12 songs on the interactive CD-Plus ‘New Message’.

It is no escapist music but positive and full of creative charm which makes it easy and uplifting to listen to the artistic expression of a profound, far reaching and serious question. The song titles already give a clear indication of the far reaching scope of the songs: ‘New Message’, True Politics‘, ‘Europe Song’, ‘America Song’, ‘Allah’s Advent’, ‘Hey, Brothers And Sisters’, ‘East-West Test’, ‘African Concert’, ‘If You Stop’, ‘Talkin’ World Unity’, ‘New Creation’, ‘One World’.

In his songs Michel Montecrossa presents a rich variety of musical styles ranging from the vivid folk-like ‘New Message‘ to the cosmic symphonic ‘One World‘ with a good dose of rockin’ world music on the way.

The bonus-video ‘I’m A-Lookin’ For You, My Lord’ is a touching rock ballad song with a straight forward spiritual atmosphere which extends into the music movie showing rare film scenes of Mira Alfassa – The Mother who is one of the most recognized spiritual personalities of modern time.

The ‘New Messag’ CD-Plus in addition contains an interesting interactive link to the internet presentation of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy which was founded by Michel Montecrossa.

The Songs:New Message’, True Politics‘, ‘Europe Song’, ‘America Song’, ‘Allah’s Advent’, ‘Hey, Brothers And Sisters’, ‘East-West Test’, ‘African Concert’, ‘If You Stop’, ‘Talkin’ World Unity’, ‘New Creation’, ‘One World’
The Video: ‘I’m A-Lookin’ For You, My Lord’



Song Of LoveThe ‘Song Of Love’ Michel Montecrossa CD-Plus is dedicated to the victims of the 2001 terrorist attack in the U.S.A.

It is offered as a prayer of peace for the departed and their loved ones and as a message of hope for everyone.

Michel Montecrossa about ‘Song Of Love’:
“These are songs about the timeless moments blessed by love which are the most valuable in life. Love gives peace and hope in times of anguish and despair. The songtitles tell all there is to say.”

The Songs:The Mother’s Love‘, ‘Song Of Love‘, ‘My Real Friend’, ‘I Picture Myself’, ‘Sacred Island’, ‘I Met You Strong Half Way On The Road’, ‘Since I Have Seen Your Face’, ‘Stranger In My Life’, ‘Song’, ‘Spring Child’, ‘Fare Thee Well, O True Love’, ‘My Jeweled Dreams Of You
The Video: ‘Natural Queen’


6 CD-Box with 84 songs and 4 videos

Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2000 in Mirapuri, ItalyMichel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2000 are presented with their outstanding performance on an exciting 6 CD-Plus Set released by Mira Sound Germany.

The 6 CD-Plus set features 84 songtracks and four videos capturing the great atmosphere of the Spirit of Woodstock Festival.

The songs are a journey through the magnificent variety of Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few songs and styles ranging from poetic acoustic ballads, like ‘Come With Me Ye Singers’ to futuristic rock like ‘Came Like A Bombshell’. Introspective songs like ‘Sunsmile’, ‘Planet Kid’ and ‘Futuregirl’, effortlessly lead to the Latin rock ‘Telephone Salsa’, the joyous ‘Mermaid’. the romantic ‘My Sweetest Woman’, the psychedelic ‘Vision’ and ‘Drop Out Rock’ and the glorious ‘Born For Rock ‘n’ Roll’ or the sunny ‘Summer Song’ and ‘Supergang’ and the free-mind songs ‘Fuck The Brainwash’ and ‘Sex Unites’. In addition to his original songs Michel Montecrossa performs a selection of great cover songs: ‘Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight’ by Lonnie Donegan, ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’ by Stan Jones, ‘Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes’ and ‘Pistol Packin’ Papa’ by Jimmie Rodgers, ‘Lunatic Princess Revisited’ by Bob Dylan, ‘Rip It Up’ and ‘Tomorrow Night’ by Elvis Presley, ‘Unbound’ by Robbie Robertson, ‘Time To Change’ by Françoise Hardy and ‘Born To Win’ with lyrics of Woody Guthrie and the music of Michel Montecrossa.

The videos present Michel Montecrossa’s opening song ‘Come With Me Ye Singers’, the Ukraine TV Interview with Michel Montecrossa and the fantastic atmosphere with Michel Montecrossa, The Chosen Few and Guests.

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Come With Me Ye Singers’, ‘My Sweetest Woman’, ‘Sweet Loving You’, ‘Stunning’, ‘Sunsmile’, ‘Born To Win’, ‘Time To Change’, ‘Got The Drive’, ‘Cosmic Dream’, ‘Sweat On Your Breast’, ‘I’m In Love With You’, ‘Welcome Home’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Rebellion’, ‘Explosive Rock’, ‘Split Speed’, ‘Burnin’ Strong’, ‘Pistol Packin’ Papa’, ‘I Paint The Nightskies With Your Eyes’, ‘Lunatic Princess Revisited’, ‘Rip It Up (Friday Night Rock)’, ‘Vision’, ‘Drop Out Rock’, ‘Born For Rock ‘n’ Roll’, ‘Woman-Power’, ‘Out-Of-The-Way’, ‘Dalì Rocker’, ‘Tomorrow Night’
The Songs, Disc Three: ‘Unbound’, ‘Summer Rock’, ‘Wild Brides’, ‘Superblast’, ‘Star Angel’, ‘Mermaid’, ‘Love Is The Secret’, ‘Supergang’, ‘Came Like A Bombshell’, ‘Flaming Woman’, ‘Rock Me, My Love’, ‘In The Wind’, ‘Power On Two Legs’, ‘Real Rockin”, ‘Play The Game’
The Songs, Disc Four: ‘Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor On The Bedpost Overnight’, ‘Ghost Riders In The Sky’, ‘Dreaming With Tears In My Eyes’, ‘Telephone Salsa’, ‘Magic Circle’, ‘Cityfire’, ‘Joy For All Rock’, ‘Wanted Girl’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Girl’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven’, ‘Woman-Power’, ‘Good Times’, ‘Virgin In My Mind’, ‘Sex Unites Song’, ‘Fuck The Brainwash’, ‘Curtains Of Night’
The Songs, Disc Five: ‘Planet Kid’, ‘Sky Girl Salsa’, ‘Squaw’, ‘Futuregirl’, ‘Sweeping Statement’, ‘Secret Light’, ‘The Body Of A Girl’, ‘Naked Time’, ‘Young Breed’, ‘Busman’s Holiday’, ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Action’, ‘Speed Driver’, ‘Golden Flavor Of Lust’, ‘Bright Inner Fusion’, ‘Burnin”, ‘Like Four Hundred Million Dollars’
The Songs, Disc Six: ‘Michel Montecrossa’s Guitar And Flute Session With Varia And Guest Musicians’, ‘Rough Copy World’, ‘Rockin’ With The Beat’, ‘Yen’, ‘Natural Born Lover’, ‘Naked Embrace’, ‘Suck It Out’, ‘The Beat Goes On’, ‘Can’t Believe It’, ‘Shadows On A Moonlit Street’
The Videos: ‘Come With Me Ye Singers’, ‘Ukraine TV Interview with Michel Montecrossa’, ‘Girl Of My Dreams’, ‘Michel Montecrossa’s Guitar And Flute Session With Varia And Guest Musicians’



CyberbeautyMichel Montecrossa’s ‘Cyberbeauty Concert’ CD-Plus released by Mira Sound Germany features 10 orgasm-friendly Cyberdance songs and 2 videos performed by Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few.

The Songs:
Cyberbeauty – Michel Montecrossa’s Cybererotic opening songs
Melons For Breakfast – Mirakali and Diana Antara with early morning fun in bed
Come On, Come On! Yeh, Yeh! It’s All Right, It’s All Right! – Michel Montecrossa’s Cyberdisco Hit
Love And Delight – Diana Antara’s cosy song and Cyberpleasure
American Apeman Sex – Michel Montecrossa’s direct talkin’ Cybersex song
Met You In Paradise – Cyberdance Power pure with Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali
Cyberpunk – Michel Montecrossa’s Cyberpower Ecstasy song
Highway Pounder – Michel Montecrossa’s driving Cyberroad song
Rock Paradise – cool Michel Montecrossa Cyberrock
Cyberchant – Michel Montecrossa’s Cyberdisco Hit

The Songs: ‘Cyberbeauty’, ‘Melons For Breakfast’, ‘Come On, Come On! Yeh, Yeh! It’s All Right!’, ‘Love And Delight’, ‘American Apeman Sex’, ‘Met You In Paradise’, ‘Cyberpunk’, ‘Highway Pounder’, ‘Rock Paradise’, ‘Cyberchant’
The Videos: ‘Cyberbeauty’, ‘American Apeman Sex’


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