‘2022 SHOUT OUT’ – il dipinto previsionale New-Art di Michel Montecrossa creato il 29 marzo 2021

Description: ‘2022 Shout Out’ Miravillage, 29th March 2021, pen, wax crayon & acryl on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

‘2022 Shout Out’ – Il dipinto previsionale New-Art di Michel Montecrossa creato il 29 marzo 2021

Dice Michel Montecrossa: “‘2022 Shout Out’ è stato dipinto da me il 29 marzo 2021 come esperienza previsionale della domanda ‘Chi sono io e dove mi trovo nel tempo pandemico del grande cambiamento? Il dipinto è giunto come un grido per la guarigione e il superamento di tutte le paure e le sofferenze spingendosi in direzione del 2022 con la speranza che un meraviglioso cambiamento arrivi presto. Il quadro è dipinto su tela 100×100 cm con china, pastello e acrilico”.

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Michel Montecrossa Interview & Article on DaringToDo.com

Here’s the translation of a recent interview that Michel Montecrossa gave to Gianni Mongrandi from the italian  artistic & cultural news-website ‘Daringtodo.com, where  Michel Montecrossa is presented as the ‘Person of the Week’

Michel Montecrossa, the unusual friend of Bob Dylan

Michel Montecrossa from the Lake Orta, a character unusual. Rock musician, even the creator of “Cyber Rock” and an artist of many faces, active as accomplished entrepreneur and endowed with mystic virtues. He moves between Germany, his homeland, the States and Italy. And it is precisely here, in the land of the Tricolore, at Coiromonte, a village near the Mottarone and Lake Orta, that one can find a hotel a bit different from the standards that we’re used to.

Mirapuri, as it is named, is at the same time holiday destination and creative center, where his songs are born. Montecrossa is its creator. He sings, plays, composes, meditates, fights for peace in the world but without making a big fuss about it, only through his art.

There is a stunning, a really enormous number of works he accomplished. Not the least of which is the “colonization” of the village of Coiromonte where he owns various properties. It is here that he initiated various festivals as for example one music festival, one for cinema, one for literature and art as well as some days that every year are ‘reserved’ for his friend Bob Dylan. Mirapuri is also a place for the exhibition of paintings, photography and of many other events. And it’s Michel Montecrossa who says that rock is not of today but states that

It was 5000 years ago when it began with the ecstatic chants of mantric-tantric shamana-songs all over this planet. Oracle-priestesses, sages, medicinwomen, vedic rishis high on fusing left-right-hemisphere brainpower for full-life-expression of the sensual and suprasensual.

To him Daring To Do (the website ‘Daring To Do’ www.daringtodo.com – abbreviated in the following interview as DT) has put some questions.

DT – What do you think of the wars raging in this world.?

And he answers in a succinct manner “War is hell. A hell in which all are burned, even the innocent.”

Michel is the author of a song for Barack Obama. A song which Barack Obama liked as he expressed in a letter to Michel.

DT (Daring To Do) – Why this song?

MM – “As a reminder to do the right and also to stick to the promises made during the presidential campaign”, he states.

Therefore one feels obligated to ask the American-German artist what he thinks about our future.

“Only the future is the future“, he responds in a categorical and enigmatic manner.

Bringing up the topic of Dylan.

DT – What does Bob Dylan mean to you?

MM – “He is a good teacher. A fellow traveller with which I can communicate through the medium of music . A friend with the ‘F’ in capital letters“.

DT – So if Dylan can be defined a free musician, Michel can also be labelled like that?

MM – “Sure. I have always been this way and it continues to be like that.“

The songwriter follows his own kind of religion whose reason for being is explained on all of his sites on the internet. But he respects strictly the religions of others.

DT – Well, so you believe in paradise?

MM – “Yes, I firmly believe in it and I repeat this in many of my songs“.

DT – So, after all, who is Michel Montecrossa?

MM – “A simple man with a simple woman“

DT – What do you want to express when you compose?

MM – “It’s as if I would be in paradise, a really unique kind of sensation that is impossible to express in a few words. And while composing I feel myself to be a poet“.

DT – In conclusion, Michel, you are talking in your songs about the climatic upheavels, but have you got a prospect of salvation for our future?

MM – “Yes, for sure, I feel that I ought to believe firmly in a future where peace and serenity will have become universally shared feelings. I would like to add something that seems to me useful: The song “War is hell” is the answer to the first question and it is also the name of one of my CD albums“.

Hier (siehe oben; int. Artikel) ist die englische Übersetzung des Interviews, das Gianni Mongrandi mit Michel Montecrossa für die italienische Kultur & Kunstnews Website ‘Daring To Do’ ‘Daringtodo.com gemacht hat.