Music & Art Mix 169: songs, painting, movie & photography art by Michel Montecrossa & Mirakali

‘Antibes’ – drawing by Michel Montecrossa

Description: ’Antibes‘, Antibes, 16th September 2016, ink, wax crayon and pencil on paper, 29,7 x 21 cm

Movie: Preview of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Free – Frei!’ New-Topical, Cyberrock & Orgastica-DJ Birthday Concert

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Enjoy the tracks ‘Wellness With You & Me – Wellness Mit Dir & Mir’ by Michel Montecrossa and ‘Stronger Than Anything Else’ by Mirakali

Photo by Mirakali – Sun behind clouds

Sun behind clouds – photo by Mirakali

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Sounds On Thursday 9: Michel Montecrossa’s song & video ‘Bygone Times’


Continuing the Sounds on Thursday blog post series with the beautiful song & video ‘Bygone Times’ by Michel Montecrossa

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Bygone Times’:

“‘Bygone Times’ is a New-Topical-Song Movie about love seen from the other side of the divide. It makes me think about Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger.”

Song Lyrics:
The wind is howling / in an empty place / cold and strange like eyes / that stare into a glass / covered by dust / of bygone times.
A room might be there / in that desert-home, / filled with thoughts we once loved, / filled with visions / and memories / and all things / that once were precious / to you and me.
I would like to meet you / in a better place / and a better time, too. / But now I’m here, / where I saw you last, / where I lost my heart, / where all my feelings / are caught in bygone times.
Tell me, my love, are you happy still / in arms that are not mine? / Tell me, girl, don’t you see sometimes / bygone times passing by, / slow with pain / of a touching past, / once so sacred, once so bright, / forever lost, / yet living still / in some chamber of the mind?
Oh, how much I would like you to spare / this show of fading beats / of a loving heart / lost and struggling / where the cold wind blows / across the fields / of bygone times, / yes, of bygone times, my love.
Between the pages of a history book / I found a folded page, / sheltering a drawing / scribbled down by you / while you called me on the phone. / And I saw you near, babe, / and I felt you near, babe, / and I could understand, babe, / our love is so real / and not a finished tale / buried in the dust / of history’s pages / frozen into a figure / or a monument old.
No, it is living with all its might, / our love is strong and unbroken. / And I know you feel it, too, / at the same time as I do. / Yes, I am sure / that wherever you are / and whomever you might love / and whoever loves you / you’ll know: our love / doesn’t belong / to the times of bygone ages.
Music & Lyrics: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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