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New Tweets from Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement (updated to 9th October 2014)

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Greek website Itahque.gr interviews Michel Montecrossa

Here’s the english version of the interview the Greek website Ithaque.gr conducted with Michel Montecrossa (see here the interview on Ithaque.gr)

How did you first get into music?

As a child I sang in a radio choir. Since then I am singing and exploring the vast territory of music.

You are a versatile man. Pacifist, ecologist, artist in many forms and a fighter. What do you think that fits you most and why?

Artist in many forms. To be an artist makes you ready to be a peaceful fighter for positive and constructive progress.

 The lyrics of your songs are mostly influenced by social and ecological issues. What messages do you send to your listeners?

 Love, hope, be yourself and stay true to your highest aim.

With many albums released already, which one is your most favorite and why?

Right now it is the «Happy Future» Song Collection from the «Happy Future Climate Change Concert Tour 2010″. It vividly reflects the crossroads situation of that year which opened the understanding that we are moving towards the bright earth and that the dark appearances will go.

What excites you more: the journey of creating an album, or the result of it?

The journey is the result and the result is the journey.

Michel Montecrossa

 If you were in the position of the listener / viewer, what would you love most and what would make you close your eyes or ears?

Love is what I love most. If love would disappear it would make me close my eyes and ears. But it will never be because love will never go.

 In your song “Talkin’ World Awaking” you were refered among others to Greece. You also said that “The power is there of the people uniting». By your opinion, what is the element that can keep the Greeks and Europeans in general united, against the the economic meltdown and the corrupted politicians?

It’s the love for Europe, for the Union of Europe and the coming of the United States of Europe. The love of the people for Europe will bring young politicians of a higher ethical quality to the stage of action, and young power of progress will end the illusion of meltdown, which is only a trick of the rich and the banka-speculators to cheat the people into becoming cheap and mindless slaves.

Being a German and a pacifist with a political view, is there something that bothered you of Germany’s position against Greece?

Germany as much as Greece is in the hand of global banka criminality. There is no special position except that we all need a fundamental change of the world’s financial system, including full debt relieve for all EU countries, controlled change from speculator banking to real values banking, a stabilizing Euro reform that makes the Euro the currency of the United States of Europe – and all that followed by a fresh, unburdened start of the working hand free for future building.

What are your plans for the future?

Goin’ on with the living celebration of humanity and visiting Greece for a concert.

If you had chance to dedicate only one song to the Greek people, which would that be?

It would be «Let’s Be Together And Care For Love».

Life is getting tougher day by day. What is your advice to the world as 2012 is on it’s way?

There is a Big Consciousness working behind the tough appearances for the True, the Right and the Vast. It is also working in us. Let’s be open to it with hope and courage and a better future will come.

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Videos and songs talked about in this interview:

Talkin’ World Awakening – New-Topical-Song for Greece, Freedom and all people sacked by banka-gangstas

Let‘s Be Together And Care For Love – dedicated to Greece and its Future in the European Union

‘Occupy Wall Street’ – 17 Michel Montecrossa songs & movies dedicated to the voice of the people of the world

‘Occupy Wall Street – 17 New-Topical-Songs & Movies’: released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio CD and DVD is Michel Montecrossa’s poignant song expression of the need, the anguish, the unrest and the hope of the people of the world. In his topical songs Michel Montecrossa not only confronts conflicts, controversial issues and grave problems but above all leads to solutions and hopeful answers.

watch the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ music video

The 17 ‘Occupy Wall Street’ topical songs are:
Talking Occupy Wall Street Movement‘, ‘Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity‘, ‘Talkin‘ Chile‘s Camila Vallejo‘, ‘Young Million Rap‘, ‘Talkin‘ Battle For Libya – Talkin‘ Battle For The World‘, ‘Talkin‘ Norway, Syria And More‘, ‘Talkin‘ Somalia Famine‘, ‘Nameless Glory Reloaded‘, ‘My Heart Is Bleedin‘ (The Christchurch Song)‘, ‘Talkin‘ Lines Of Fire‘, ‘In The Street‘, ‘Talkin‘ End Of Terror – Talkin‘ End Of Bin Laden‘, ‘Germany Is Green For The Future Of Europe‘, ‘American Crossroads‘, ‘China Means Future‘, ‘The United States Of Planet Earth‘, ‘Let‘s Go Future!‘.

Michel Montecrossa about the 17 ‘Occupy Wall Street’ songs:
“The world is driftin’ apart. The distance between rich and poor is growing. Mad politos and mad bankas. From terror to nuclear war. And in the midst of all human and natural disasters something wonderful is happening. It is outside the limitations of mind and it is moving the soul of the people. A quantum leap of humanity, a marvel of evolution.
Things don’t fall apart. Finally we are set free and the prisons crumble.”

Michel Montecrossa's album 'Occupy Wall Street'

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‘Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht’ – Michel Montecrossa’s Deutsch-Topical-Song Audio-CD & Video

‘SAHRA WAGENKNECHT HAT RECHT’, veröffentlicht von Mira Sound Germany, ist Michel Montecrossa’s Deutsch-Topical-Song Audio-CD Single und Musik Video für Beendigung des perversen Wahnsinnssystems der Polito-Bankas.

Hier das Video ‘Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht’ anschauen:


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Michel Montecrossa:
“Manche Politos und manche Bankas wissen ganz genau, dass sie uns, den Leuten, nicht helfen, sondern nur für sich selbst da sind und uns betrügen. Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht, wenn sie von einem ‘perversen Wahnsinnssystem‘ spricht.
Ich sage, dass es der Job der Politos und Bankas ist, für uns, die Leute, da zu sein. Es ist nicht ihr Job, die Welt zu ruinieren und dafür von uns auch noch Bezahlung zu verlangen.“

“Some politos and some bankas know very well that they are not helping us, the people, but are only helping themselves and are cheating us. Sahra Wagenknecht is right when she speaks of a ‘perverted madness-system’.
I say that it is the job of politos and bankas to be there for us, the people. It is not their job to ruin the world and to even demand from us payment for that.”

Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht, / Sahra Wagenknecht ist echt, / Sahra Wagenknecht ist korrekt. / Das Wahnsinnssystem der Banka-Zockerbuden / muss verschwinden, muss sich ändern. / Der Wert der Arbeit ist der wahre Wert, / denn der wahre Wert sind wir.
Die Bankas und Politos / wollen uns, den wahren Wert, / wollen uns zu Sklaven machen, / billig und gefügig, ohne viel zu denken / sollen wir für sie die ewigen Reichtümer sichern. / Nahrung wollen sie von uns, / Autos, Häuser und Vergnügen. / Alles sollen wir machen und sie tun nichts.
Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht, / Sahra Wagenknecht ist echt, / Sahra Wagenknecht ist korrekt.
Das Wahnsinnssystem der Polito-Zockerbuden / muss verschwinden, muss sich ändern. / Der wahre Wert der Arbeit ist der wahre Wert, / denn der wahre Wert sind wir.
Bankas und Politos / wollen unser Geld, / wollen uns am Boden halten. / Ihr Zynismus und ihr Lügen / sind grenzenlos und schlecht. / Es ist Zeit, alles zu verändern. / Leute, macht nicht länger mit! / Wir sind die Leute, unser eigenes Glück!
Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht, / Sahra Wagenknecht ist echt, / Sahra Wagenknecht ist korrekt. / Das Wahnsinnssystem der Polito-Banka-Gangstas / ist am Ende, doch der Anfang sind wir: / Wir sind der Wert der Arbeit, der wahre Wert, / ja, der wahre Wert sind wir.
Text und Musik: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany

CD-Cover: Michel Montecrossa's Single 'Sahra Wagenknecht hat recht'

Michel Montecrossa’s Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity’ – song for Global Mass Protests on 15 Oct. 2011

Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity’: released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio Single and DVD, is Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song dedicated to the Global Mass Protests of 15 October 2011 for change in finance and politics.
Michel Montecrossa says:
“The song ‘Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity’ is dedicated to the Global Mass Protests of 15 October 2011, the day of Global Revolution for change in finance and politics.”

watch here the video ‘Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity’

Single Cover – Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity’

Michel Montecrossa's Single 'Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity'

Now they drive us down the road of pain, / the people of Italy, Portugal, Spain. / Just as they do it with the people of Greece / they downgrade us to favor the rich.
A war rages between politos and bankas / for power over us, the people. / The bankas now win almost every day / and drive us down the poverty way.
People wake up! People stand up! / The people know what the people need! / The people can set the people free! / The people, you know, the people are we!
Banka speculators want our tax money / to become bail out funds for them, / want control over us, the only real value, / by turning us into cheap and mindless slaves.
Politos are there to help the people, / not to join the banka-gansta-gang. / Politos must change the financial game, / put right what went wrong for a happy end.
People wake up! People stand up! / The people know what the people need! / The people can set the people free! / The people, you know, the people are we!
People wake up! People stand up! / The people know what the people need! / The people can set the people free! / The people, you know, the people are we!
Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany

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