Newspaper Article in La Stampa: ‘La comunità del Lago d’Orta che vive nello spirito di Woodstock’

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Michel Montecrossa & Mirapuri
Michel Montecrossa in 1992 launched his dynamic Cyberrocker and Cybersymphonic Composer career as peace-musician and consciousness-expansion artist after he founded in Italy together with his friends Mirapuri, an eco-art-awareness community based on liberal and world-open humanistic-spiritual ideals, well documented in Michel Montecrossa’s internationally acclaimed books ‘The Sunrevolution’ and ‘Mirapuri And The New Consciousness’.

‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007’ videos – part 1-3, Michel Montecrossa live on 26.05.07

watch here a concert video recorded during Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007’ – here are the three parts of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Superchick Concert’; live on 26.05.2007

Part 1 of the ‘Superchick Concert’

This video features the following songs:  ‘Superchick’, ‘Thunder On The Mountain’, ‘Cybersaga Evolution 1&2’, ‘Man Of Peace’, ‘Lover’, ‘Spirit On The Water’, ‘Dance Chick’, ‘Neighboorhood Bully’, ‘Vomit Of Your Soul’, ‘I And I’

Part 2 of the ‘Superchick Concert’:

This video features the following songs: ‘Teen Smell’, ‘Rollin’ and Tumblin”, ‘Firebelt’, ‘When The Deal Goes Down’, ‘City Girl’, ‘Sweetheart Like You’, ‘Both Sides Of Love’, ‘Someday Baby’, ‘Superbody’, ‘Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight’, ‘Stop Dreamin’ — Start Lovin”, ‘Workingman’s Blues #2’, ‘Electropunk’s Upgraded Levels Of Confusion’, ‘Union Sundown’

Part 3 of the ‘Superchick Concert’

This video features the following songs: ‘The Girl That’s Laughin”, ‘Beyond The Horizon’, ‘Your Place In My Heart’, ‘Nettie Moore’, ‘The Mystery Of Motherfuckin”, ‘The Levee’s Gonna Break’, ‘Dump On It — Move It (There’s Enough Crap)’, ‘Ain’t Talkin”, ‘We Play The Shit We Like — We Play The Shit We Love’, ‘Cyberrocker Ballad’

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