Michel Montecrossa’s Love World Action & Climate Change Concert Tour 2013 Interview

Michel Montecrossa’s Love World Action & Climate Change Concert Tour 2013, produced by Mira Sound Germany, throughout the year presents brand-new Topical-, Cyberrock-, Electronica-Dance- and Viking-Songs by one of 21st century’s most outstanding songwriter and his band.
In his songs Michel Montecrossa speaks out for the people in a joyfully stimulating way and takes a heartfelt stand for the positive side of life and the good answers coming from that side.

Michel Montecrossa says about the ‘Love World Action & Climate Change Concert Tour 2013′:
“Love is where it all begins and Love is where it all leads to. Therefore the world above all needs love, and to bring love to the world means action – the Love World Action. Me and my band bring you the Love World Action & Climate Change Concert Tour 2013. Throughout the year you are invited to come with your love to our concerts and festivals and get all the song messages of our Love World Action Music.”

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