Featured: Selected Speeches by Michel Montecrossa

Three selected speeches by Michel Montecrossa

‘Happy Future and Climate Change’

Michel Montecrossa’s speech ‘Happy Future and Climate Change’ for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival and his song ‘Love and Listen’ – watch it here

“If you look at the world from an external point of view the promise of a happy future seems to be a vain promise in the face of all the questions of climate change on earth but is only a seeming; in reality if you look deeper into these questions of future and climate change you will see that we are living at an exceptionally promising and hopeful moment in the history of mankind. It is a crossroad and in the crossroad situation we always face great and powerful impulses for progress. It is an inrush of the new into our present scheme of awareness and frame of consciousness…”
– Michel Montecrossa in his ‘Happy Future and Climate Change’ speech.

Read the full text here: Full text of Michel Montecrossa’s speech ‘Happy Future and Climate Change’

Love and Listen
This ain’t good. / The inner lecture of the idiotic mind. / Are you intelligent enough to blow your mind? / Police and protesters are all in the prison. / Government laws are as good as poison.
This ain’t good. / The family of nations without major change. / Disasters used for political games. / On the Mexican border a new world is emergin’. / No blazing heat can stop big talkin’.
This is good. / Will you must have and a goal, / hope you must have and a soul, / endurance always makes you stronger / and vision always makes you younger.
This is good. / You can survive if you want to live. / Love is joy and power to give. / Healthy you are if you do the good. / To choose the right will strengthen the root.
This you should do: / End the lecture of your idiotic mind / be sweet and true, knowing and kind. / The future is wide and it ain‘t no prison. / The future is free if you love and listen.

– Michel Montecrossa

My Movies

‘My Movies’ features a stimulating speech by Michel Montecrossa about his art of movie making, including excerpts from ‘The House Of Time‘ (Update: see the Trailer of part I here & Trailer of part II here) and ‘Talkin‘ Future World‘. The speech was held at the International Free Cinema Film Festival in Mirapuri.

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘My Movies’:
“My movies are there for stimulating awareness. A stimulation which then can lead to consciousness change. This is the purpose of my movies, the movies I create together with my artist-friend, partner and love Mirakali. At the International Free Cinema Filmfestival in Mirapuri we present these movies so that everyone can get the experience, can find the way into a new consciousness awareness. All my movies are centered around the energy, the poetry of my songs and their content. This content is concentrated on dealing with the various ways of solution for the great topical problems of our days. My artistic work is a work for the people, whether they be poor or rich, whether they are young or old and so are my movies for the people. They are born out of the need of the people, out of the reality of their life which is also the reality of my life. ”

‘The Future Is young – Listen To The young’

‘The Future Is young – Listen To The young’ presents Michel Montecrossa’s speech for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2011l with the complete text and six related topical song performances which are part of the speech.

Michel Montecrossa says in his opening statement:
“The future is made by the young and those who are young at heart.
And that is why the future is young. I take you now on a trail of thoughts that move in the words, thoughts that move on into poetry, into songs, into tunes. What I present to you is therefore a poetry-song-speech.
We start with our trail of thoughts. Thoughts that lead us into a young world, that encourage us to be young at heart. The future world and climate change will go together if we are always young at heart because then we can look forward into this young future, because then we are no longer limited to the old past which gets older every day and ever more. Let‘s turn to the young future, this future which is made by the young. And then we will see that the future is full of life, full of hope, full of possibilities. The future world must be governed by the young and that is what I want to tell you: never grow old, always stay young, stay young at heart. It is this young future I‘m singin‘ about, I‘m talkin‘ about and in my lyrics I continue this trail of thoughts and in my tunes I give them the image of sound: the image, the thought, the poem of a young future.”

With the songs: ‘Who Is The Future?’, ‘Talking Lines Of Fire’, ‘Secrets Of The Green World’, ‘Germany Is Green For The Future Of Europe’, ‘China Means Future’, ‘The United States Of Planet Earth’.

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