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Michel Montecrossa says:
“My Topical-Sportsmanship Song & Movie ‘It’s The Ball’ is dedicated to the true spirit of sport and the joy behind its ideals of fairness, friendship and solidarity.”

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It’s The Ball
(UEFA Euro 2012 Song)

There’s a boy and there’s a girl.
They are born to be great.
They feel the power, they hear the call,
they have the will and the strength to move on.

Chorus: It’s the ball! It’s the ball!

Further and further towards the goal
of winning the prize and winning it all.
Training and endurance and team-spirit feel
bring them together, give the energy real,

Chorus: It’s the ball! It’s the ball!

the discipline and joy of a fit body,
rapid action leading to big success,
the sporting spirit and good humor,
self-control, fair play and friendliness,
the loyal acceptance of decisions.

Chorus: It’s the ball! It’s the ball!

There’s the boy and there’s the girl,
they act together, master of team-work skill.
It’s the ball! It’s the ball!
They never miss it, they are the wonderful!
It’s the ball! It’s the ball!
They always get it and they hit the goal!

Chorus: It’s the ball! It’s the ball!

Lyrics, Music & Movie: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany

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