Featured: ‘Tarana on The Way To The Beach’ – drawing by Michel Montecrossa & book ‘Tarana and the Island of Immortality’

Featured Art: ‘Tarana On The Way To The Beach’ (original german title: ‘Tarana auf dem Weg zum Strand’) is a drawing by Michel Montecrossa“Tarana and the Island of Immortality” is a fantasy-action Novel presenting the Love Power Story of the coming together of Douglas Goldfield from the 19. Century with the futuristic Tarana from the future. You can buy and take a look inside the book on Amazon here

Tarana and the Island of Immortality

Michel Montecrossa’s “Tarana and the Island of Immortality” is a fantasy-action Novel presenting the Love Power Story of the coming together of Douglas Goldfield from the 19. Century with the futuristic Tarana from the future. They both meet on the mysterious island Kohana which turns out to be a multidimensional time-space gate.
In Tarana and the Island of Immortality Michel Montecrossa presents a fascinating and deeply felt fusion of erotic-realistic future vision with thrilling action dynamics turning round the passionate and tender relation of Tarana and Douglas Goldfield.
The intensity of their personality-contrasts and the fire of their love are the center of Michel Montecrossa’s breathtaking Fantasy Novel Tarana and the Island of Immortality about the discovery and exploration of a new world dimension with undreamed of possibilities for future humanity.
With Tarana and the Island of Immortality Michel Montecrossa opens the door to the exciting and picturesque panorama of emotional peaks, dangers and unexpected clues accompanied by painful as well as ecstatic experiences.
The story directly touches the reader through the adventures of Tarana and Douglas Goldfield on the island Kohana – Adventures into a supernaturally transformed world where there are telepathic animals, timelenses, the secret of Atlantis, holographic journeys and bodyexperiences coming froma distant future.
Tarana and the Island of Immortality is Michel Montecrossa’s ultramodern fantasy-action Novel bringing together love, struggle and futuristic vision in a masterfully designed story told in Michel Montecrossa’s trendsetting and unique way of strong expressiveness and sensuality.

In 1999 a new island unexplainably emerged from the Sargasso Sea. The scientific world was never able to agree about how it had formed. When one of the seven expedition teams made a sensational discovery that would have seemingly revealed the island’s mystery, the whole area was closed off. Further expeditions were carried out in secret by special military units. The public was told that the island had come into being through a volcanic eruption. Then all reports of the island disappeared from the media and the island was forgotten. The first civilian scientists that had begun studying the island were sworn to silence.
Nevertheless the rumors and speculation continued. Professor Kim, the former leader of the international team of scientists, had found a nearly rotted diary in the niche of a cliff. It had belonged to an English writer by the name of Douglas Goldfield who, according to the notes, had already lived on the island at the end of the 19th Century. In the diary he had described the island’s secret and the fairytale-like story of the island’s queen, Tarana, who ruled there a realm of immortality. Scientists of all disciplines were stirred up in the first weeks about the discovery of the diary, especially because many other discoveries on the island seemed to confirm the story that Douglas Goldfield had written nearly one hundred years earlier about his fate, the immortal Tarana, about the island itself and its mysterious future. Although no one could disprove Goldfields words, the specialists and scientists remained skeptical. After the military took over the further investigations the diary was declared a fake and with it the miracle and the riddle of that island, which was, however, included in the ocean maps as the “Island of Immortality”. Only Professor Kim, who had found the diary, remained utterly convinced for the rest of his life that the little book was not only accurate in every word of its description of another form of reality, but also that it contained a world-shaking revelation about the future of all life…
It is for that reason that, after Douglas Goldfield’s diary entries, I want to tell the story of Tarana and the Island of Immortality. My name is not important. But I will tell you this: We will meet face to face when the things have taken place that are reported by Douglas Goldfield and, more so, Tarana.

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Fantasy-Action Roman ‘Tarana Und Die Insel Der Unsterblichkeit’ von Michel Montecrossa

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Über das Buch:

Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit ist Michel Montecrossa’s Action und Lovepower reiche Geschichte der Begegnung von Douglas Goldfield aus dem 19. Jahrhundert mit der futuristischen Tarana aus der Zukunft auf der geheimnisvollen Insel Kohana, die in Wirklichkeit ein multidimensionales Zeit- und Raumtor ist.
Durch faszinierende und einfühlsame Verschmelzung erotisch-realer Zukunftsvision mit fesselnder Handlungsdynamik beschreibt Michel Montecrossa in Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit die aufwühlende und innige Beziehung von Tarana und Douglas Goldfield.
Die Intensität ihrer Persönlichkeitskontraste und die Leidenschaft ihrer Liebe stehen im Brennpunkt des atemberaubenden Fantasy-Action Romans Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit über die Entdeckung und Erschliessung einer neuen Weltdimension mit ungeahnten Möglichkeiten für die Zukunft der Menschheit.
In Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit schildert Michel Montecrossa auf mitreissende und bilderreiche Weise Emotionale Grenzbereiche, Gefahren und überraschende Wendungen ebenso wie schmerzhafte und ekstatische Erlebnisse, die den Leser direkt berühren und durch das vielfältige Panorama des sich entfaltenden Abenteuers führen, das Tarana und Douglas Goldfield auf Kohana bestehen müssen. Ein Abenteuer, das sich in einer übernatürlich veränderten Welt abspielt, in der man telepathische Tiere ebenso findet wie Zeitlinsen, das Geheimnis von Atlantis oder holographische Reisen und weit aus der Zukunft kommende körperliche Veränderungen.
‘Tarana und die Insel der Unsterblichkeit’ ist ein ultramoderner Fantasy-Action Roman, der Liebe, Kampf und futuristische Szenarien in einer für das Genre meisterhaften und richtungsweisenden Geschichte zusammenführt, die den Leser unmittelbar durch ihre Ausdruckskraft und Sinnlichkeit anspricht.

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