Michel Montecrossa’s Songtext und CD zu ‘Sweet Earth’

Hier ein thematischer Songtext von Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ – das Lied ‘Sweet Earth’.

Es gibt auch eine gleichnamige CD mit weiteren sehr direkten Themensongs von Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few: ‘Sweet Earth – Save the Climate of our Earth #1’ und sie ist online beim Mirapuri Shop erhältlich:

CD ‘Sweet Earth – Save the Climate of our Earth #1’

Today I want to post the lyrics to ‘Sweet Earth’ – a deep-felt song by Michel Montecrossa which is performed during concerts of his ongoing Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’

‘Sweet Earth – Save the Climate of our Earth # 1’ is also the name of a CD by Michel Montecrossa and his band The Chosen Few and one can order it at the Mirapuri Shop:

CD ‘Sweet Earth – Save the Climate of our Earth #1’

Sweet Earth

I’m living on a globe somewhere in the space-time-whole.
I’m living on a globe
somewhere in this universe.
I’m living on a globe,
I think, if I remember right, man did name it earth.

There was a garden on this earth,
I think it was called paradise.
But in there, they were so paranoid
they could not simply go ahead
with living and becoming and loving
like flowers under the sun.

Now I’m living on a globe
almost outside the space-time-whole.
I’m living on a globe
in the grip of some monster-man.
I’m living on a globe,
I think some times back it was named earth.

O my child, what has happened?
I see clouds of doom in the air.
I see the fishes dying
and the birds falling from the sky
and without pity the orator
inside his concrete dome.
O my child, protect your paradise,
do not listen to the old,
they are in love with the grave,
but you are in love with life.

We are living on a globe
somewhere in the space-time-whole
I call sweet earth ‘cause so sweet she once was.
Oh, pardon me, sweet lady, that I am only a man.

Come closer, my son, and listen with all your heart.
Do me a favor and help me to save my sweet earth.
Please, do not follow all those who are killing her life.

Be with me, my daughter,
and remember my anguished prayer.
Remember it well for the day
when your children will come
so sweet and so helpless,
cradled by our sweet earth.

And tell them softly with the shining stars,
they should not grow and become strong to destroy
and to kill and be greedy
at the earth’s expense.

Tell them to be
full of wisdom and full of love.
And remind them who has helped them
to grow and be so strong
and tell them that I always
loved my sweet earth.

O Lord, I can see
that time is no longer on our side.
But I pray: Give us one more chance.
Let us find your paradise once again.
Let us teach those around us
through your living Love.
Let us prepare for You
a place on Your sweet earth.

(© 2007 Michel Montecrossa)

Text der Pressemeldung zur CD / original CD press release:

‘Sweet Earth – Save The Climate Of Our Earth #1’ released by Mira Sound Germany on two Audio-CDs presents 29 stunning and outspoken free-mind songs on the pressing questions of climate change by 21st century’s great topic songwriter Michel Montecrossa.
“The ‘Sweet Earth’ production”, says Michel Montecrossa, “are songs for planet earth, they sing for our future. We have to see, hear and understand the signals of earth if we do not want to lose our future and the world along with it. Each one of my songs speaks in music for a better tomorrow, gives the taste and the feeling of a One World Consciousness. They are peoples songs, they are songs of encouragement to do the right thing to save the climate of our earth both inside and outside of us.”
The 29 songs include the title song ‘Sweet Earth’, the incredible ‘Great Planet Song’, the deeply touching ‘What A Time’, the straightforward ‘I Want To Live’, the tender ‘Natural Queen’ and ‘Of Love I Sing’ as well as the german rocker ‘Gift (Poison)’, the profound ‘The Place Of The Free’, the powerful ‘Weatherman’ and the great anthem ‘This World Is My World’.
Disc Two of the ‘Sweet Earth’ production features the complete live recording of Michel Montecrossa’s legendary concluding concert at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2006 in Mirapuri, Italy. Together with his band Michel Montecrossa performs from his treasure of music outstanding song gems like ‘Pace e Amore (Love Is The Answer)’, ‘From Michel In Mirapuri’, ‘Fire On The Water’ and ‘Bird Of Peace’ ringing with his message of hope and awareness.

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Sweet Earth’, ‘Great Planet Song’, ‘What A Time’, ‘One World’, ‘Ocean World’, ‘Ecological Music’, ‘I Want To Live’, ‘The Earth Is Weeping (Every Live Is Precious)’, ‘Natural Queen’, ‘Of Love I Sing’, ‘Gift’, ‘The 7th Age’, ‘The Place Of The Free’, ‘Weatherman’, ‘Always Change’, ‘This World Is My World’
The Songs,

Disc Two: ‘Pace e Amore (Love Is The Answer)’, ‘From Michel In Mirapuri’, ‘Gigantic’, ‘Paradise Rock’, ‘Powerlove’, ‘As If In Another World’, ‘Great Feeling’, ‘Cyberthingies’, ‘Coming Dawn’, ‘Fire On The Water’, ‘Home’, ‘Bird Of Peace’