Light Dispels Darkness – Music Movie from Michel Montecrossa’s Reality Album ’2021 MONTECROSSA’

The ‘Light Dispels Darkness’ music movie from Michel Montecrossa’s Reality Album ’2021 MONTECROSSA’, released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD, DVD and as Download. ’2021 MONTECROSSA’ is the great Reality Album of Michel Montecrossa presenting 17 original New-Topical-Songs for a time when the whole world is passing through a big change.
’2021 MONTECROSSA’ in this time is the straightforward expression of Michel Montecrossa’s strongly felt message of true humanity addressed to the world through his 17 songs:
Light Dispels Darkness • Daddy, Please Change The World For Me • Let’s Make The U.S.A. True Again • The Chance Is There For The Big Change – Die Gelegenheit Ist Da Für Den Großen Wandel • Living On A Planet • I Have A Vision • The Song Of The Marvellous Change • I Am There For You Tomorrow As I Am There For You Today • It Is There! • It’s First Love • Up To Date • Talking Meaningless Meaning • That’s It • How Come? • Strong Days Are Coming • The Mystery Of Letting Go • I Check Out The True

Michel Montecrossa says about his album ’2021 MONTECROSSA’:
“The songs of ’2021 MONTECROSSA’ are New-Topical-Songs about staying true to your soul of love and hope and not losing the way of sincerity.“