Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Love Action #2’ by Michel Montecrossa (& bonus movie)

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: read the lyrics & listen to ‘Love Action #2′ by Michel Montecrossa – taken from the ‘SUNRAY REVOLUTION Peace & Climate Change Song Collection 2008’ that you can read about here and download here from iTunes

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About ‘Loveaction’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Intelligence is perfect when it serves love. Civilization is beautiful when it expresses love. Man is at peace when satisfied by love. The earth is paradise when embraced by love. Loveaction is good action, is the greatest action.”

Love Action #2

To kindle the fire of love action on earth
is the drivin’ force behind our birth.
To bring it to fulfillment sweet
is our life‘s joy and deepest need.

From the dark root to the flower in bloom,
from slavery‘s oppression to freedom true,
from killin’ aggression to ecstatic love
leads the way of truth, the highway of hope.

There‘s nothin’ to fear if you follow the call.
Let your heart and brain be empowered by love
to do the good work, to show that you know.
Love action wins, it works from the core.

Together with you on the ultimate shore
of eternity‘s light, the kind-hearted all,
I feel like a child and enjoy the delight
of every moment of love action‘s might.

Today we see hunger and energy crimes
threatenin’ the life of our loved ones,
threatenin’ the life of our world all around.
Tomorrow it is love that alone will count.

Love action is simple, is the power of all.
It don‘t need money, is there in every soul.
It can‘t be cheated, it can‘t be fooled.
You need not worry: We will reach the goal.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa © Mira Sound Germany

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Bonus Movie: ‘Paris Paradox’ – Music, poetry and movie by Mirakali (, administered by Michel Montecrossa, © Filmaur Multimedia Germany; Drawings by Michel Montecrossa; Produced by Filmaur Multimedia @ 2014

Image above: Cover of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘SUNRAY REVOLUTION Peace & Climate Change Song Collection 2008’ CD-Box