Featured video: ‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ – Michel Montecrossa’s special collection of 10 Hit-Songs celebrating the 20th birthday of the Spirit of Woodstock Festival

‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’Michel Montecrossa’s special collection of 10 Hit-Songs, released by Mira Sound Germany on Audio CD and DVD, was recorded live on Friday 27th July 2012 as the opening of the Spirit of Woodstock Festival and as celebration of its 20th birthday.

In a world of almost total media control the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri since 20 years takes a stand for the independence of musicians and their freedom of creativity and expression. In 2012 the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri celebrated its 20th birthday together with Michel Montecrossa and international musicians as a proud success of the Free Music Revolution.
‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ presents the Free Music Revolution as a revolution of Love and Unity. Michel Montecrossa together with Mirakali, Diana Antara and his band The Chosen Few brings their message of hope and humanity in 10 great festival-birthday-songs: ’The Days Of Love And Unity‘, ‘Who Is There‘, ‘You Are My Girl – You Are The One‘, ‘Heartdreams‘, ‘I Am There‘, ‘Love & Unity Solution Song‘, ‘Girls With Big, Big Tits‘, ‘Wild West Honey‘, ‘Love Wider Than The Universe‘ and ‘For All The Good Things‘.
The Audio CD & DVD of ‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ present the inimitable flair of the festival through the heartfelt and strong performance of Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara and his band The Chosen Few and through visual impressions from the festival, its audience and dance artists.

Straight From The Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2012

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Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’:
“The ‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ DVD and CD present 10 Hit-Songs from our 2012 twentieth festival-birthday-performance of more than 160 songs which we played during the ten festival days from 27th July to 5th August 2012.
For me and my band the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri is a genuinely touching event of Love and Unity where our songs stand as messengers of Light and Truth in times of merciless cynicism and brutal mass manipulation. All our music tells of a Future of Harmony that offers itself to be proclaimed to the world.
‘Straight from the Spirit of Woodstock Festival’ freely carries the message of this future to everyone’s heart and mind and soul to comfort and drive away isolation, loneliness and discouragement.”

The Songs (Click the song title to read the lyrics):

  1. The Days Of Love And Unity
  2. Who Is There
  3. You Are My Girl – You Are The One
  4. Heartdreams
  5. I Am There
  6. Love & Unity Solution Song
  7. Girls With Big, Big Tits
  8. Wild West Honey
  9. Love Wider Than The Universe
  10. For All The Good Things

Featured: 8 Michel Montecrossa songs about finance, politics and protests

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘It’s Time To Share!’:
“The ‘It’s Time To Share!’ New-Topical-Song was written when protests in Europe against polito and banka led raids became always stronger. People no longer are silent when they are driven down the road to poverty, hunger and war. I say, sharing is the answer making economies work, sharing of food, water, land, housing and energy resources. It’s time for the building of the United States of Planet Earth.”

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Politos & Bankas Don’t Give The Answer (Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia: World Union is the answer!)’:
“The fake crises staged by politos & bankas have only one aim: to create cheap and mindless slaves for the rich. Politos & bankas are not on the side of the people. They only want to misuse and manipulate us. They don’t want to do anything for us. They want to establish a global two-class rich-poor society and not human unity.
They want dictated poverty, enforced jobless rates and control over land and water to keep us down to the ground without freedom of mind, movement and expression. The people are the work force and the people don’t have a financial crisis. It’s all hypnotism and a bluff for scaring us into submission. The people must use their work force for themselves, for their freedom, for unhindered expression and bring to an end misuse of politics and economy. They must bring to the parliaments the movements of the people for correcting the mistakes of outdated party systems. They must establish laws leading to the creation of the United States of Planet earth for bringing peace, jobs, equal wages, free health care and education to everyone on earth on the way to a better future. World Union is the answer.”

Michel Montecrossa about ‘Love World Action Saves‘:
“My New-Topical-Song ‘Love World Action Saves‘ comes at a time when polito stunting reaches top levels of funny but dangerous Tea Party money and career craziness and an all-time U.S. polito ethical low.
In this song I speak out what millions understand:
‘Love World Action saves
is my answer great,
is my answer when all explodes
into revenge and more blood,
greed and torture and the big collapse,
for my love and I we know and see:
Love brings the Bright Earth for the true and free.’”

Michel Montecrossa says:
“The song ‘Talking Italy, Portugal, Spain Austerity’ is dedicated to the Global Mass Protests of 15 October 2011, the day of Global Revolution for change in finance and politics.”

Michel Montecrossa says:
“My song ‘Talking Poverty Migrants & Extreme Poverty Rising‘ shows love and sweetness to be the answer for ending darkness, pain, horror and despair.Extreme poverty and rising horror numbers of poverty migrants let a world of darkness and  pain emerge where polito corruptos, banka gangstas and the club of the most dangerously rich do nothing for the poor people and for ending their suffering.
The poor are left to slavery by politos, bankas and the rich and must find their own way and meaning outside of cold state machineries, brutal media power and heartless judiciary to battle their despair. Through their own love and sweetness, their own standing together and their own sense of humanity they must survive.
With my song ‘Talking Poverty Migrants & Extreme Poverty Rising’ I stand at their side. The People will bring the big future change humanity needs.”

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talking European Crisis’:
“There is no European or any other crisis if we expand our consciousness. The banka and polito world is only a narrow minded hypnotism to make people think like bureaucrats, functionaries, managers and unquestioning system slaves.
Activate your brain, leave the unreal system hypnotism and be powerfully free in the real world of love and unity.
Then you can make true everything that’s good for all and the harmful power and greed obsessions of mad bankas and politos will simply evaporate.”

Michel Montecrossa says about ‘Talking Lines of Fire’:
“We, the people, stand in the lines of fire of the battle that rages between governments and banks. It is a terrible fight for who’s next in world domination. But the world is the people’s world and in the end the people will create the future world. True governments must serve the people and true banking must help the work of the people to be successful. The ‘default’ from Europe to America and to everywhere is just a lie and a bluff to keep the people quiet and consenting to the all-out stealing of their tax money by the governments for handing it over to the banks in exchange for gaining positions in the big power-game. But the people will not stay forever in the lines of fire. The day is coming when they will demand true governments and true banks and will refuse to be kicked around and exploited. The people want justice, freedom and a fair world worth living and working for.”

Michel Montecrossa says about Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song):
“Talking Banking Solution (The Evolver Song) is singing about capitalism that has to change and is singing that true banking is no myth and is singing that the solution is Real Value Banking which is not destroying business and nations through rising interest rates in times of crises.
This song is linked to what I told the Greek magazine ITHAQUE.GR during an interview: We all need a fundamental change of the world’s financial system, including full debt relief for all EU countries, controlled change from speculator banking to Real Value Banking, a stabilizing Euro reform that makes the Euro the currency of the United States of Europe and all that followed by a fresh, unburdened start of the working hand free for future building.
There is a Big Consciousness working behind the tough appearances for the True, the Right and the Vast. It is also working in us. Let’s be open to it with hope and courage and a better future will come.”

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