New-Topical-Song, Cyberrock & Cyberdance Tuesday, part 20

Enjoy this week’s selection of great acoustic & electric New-Topical-Songs, Cyberrock & Cyberdance by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali taken from the Love & Unity Smile Concert. Read here about Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement.

Acoustic Songs
Love And Unity Smile

Talkin’ Golden Road Of Love & Unity

Electric CyberRock & Cyberdance Songs
Maybe She’ll Come And Rock Me

I Am There

You Are My Girl – You Are The One

I’m Lovin’ You

Sweet Kiss

Teeny Baby! I Want More

Never Too Late (by Mirakali)

Mi Amor Michel (by Mirakali)

Michel Montecrossa's ‘Love & Unity Smile’ Concert

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Michel Montecrossa’s Top Ten Christmas Releases

Michel Montecrossa’s Top Ten Christmas Releases: My Christmas Joy * Love & Unity * Strong Is My Christmas Dream * Christmas Symphony * Warmth Of Christmas *Jesus Symphony * Symphony Of Light * Maria Magdalena Symphony * Top Topical * Paintings & Drawings Vol. II

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Michel Montecrossa’s Love & Unity New Year Concert preview 2012 for the joyful celebration of humanity

Watch here the preview of Michel Montecrossa‘s  ‘Love & Unity’ New Year Concert featuring songs  by Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara. The concert begins with the cool, eye-opening ‘Love & Unity Solution Song’ leading to a sparkling Dance, Rock, World, Folk, Country and Hip Hop hit parade including ‘Dancedrive: I Like It!’, ‘Cybergeneration’, ‘Girls With Big, Big Tits’, ‘Sweety Girl’, ‘World Union’, ‘Love Is Our Future’, ‘Talking Love & Unity World’, ‘Bouncin'(With Gangsta Bankas & Corrupto Politos)’, ‘Young’, ‘For All The Good Things’, ‘Met You In Paradise’, ‘Love & Unity Dance’, ‘Thinkin’ About The Future’ and further tracks.

Michel Montecrossa says about the Love & Unity New Year Concert:

“Love and Unity strengthen our soul. Ego and conflict weaken our soul. For a happy future our soul must be strong. That’s why I sing for you of Love and Unity together with my band.”



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Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Love & Unity Climate Change Concert Tour 2012’

During 2012 all Michel Montecrossa concerts are part of his ‘Love & Unity Climate Change Concert Tour 2012’. In his concerts you can experience great New-Topical-Songs, Cyberrock, Dance and Climate Change songs, as well as beautiful Cybersymphonies inspired by the challenge of opening to a new Consciousness in a changing world. They take place in Mirapuri, Italy, in the Michel Montecrossa Rock Vision Diner in Gauting near Munich, Germany and at other locations. Info-Hotline: ++49-(0)89-8508555

Here’s the new Logo of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Love & Unity Climate Change Concert Tour 2012’

Love & Unity Climate Change Concert Tour 2012

Michel Montecrossa - Live

Michel Montecrossa’s New-Topical-Song-Movement:

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