Photo & Greetings: Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara, Mira Sound Germany Crew & Radio Fips Crew

Michel Montecrossa at Radio Fips - Group Photo

Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara together with the Mira Sound Germany Crew and the Radio Fips Crew had a great concert hour of true Welcome Culture on 24th May 2016 in Göppingen, Germany! Thanks to all of you from all of us!
Michel and Mirakali

Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara gemeinsam mit der Mira Sound Germany Crew und der Radio Fips Crew erlebten eine tolle Konzertstunde echter Willkommens Kultur am 24. Mai 2016 in Göppingen! Danke an euch alle von uns allen!
Michel und Mirakali

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Tipp: Das Konzert und Interview von Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali und Diana Antara vom 24.05.2016 auf der Radiobühne wird am Donnerstag (26.05.2016) und Sonntag (29.05.2016) jeweils von 19:00 – 20:00 Uhr nochmal bei Radio Fips gesendet –hier anhören!

Michel Montecrossa’s Doppel CD-Neuerscheinung – ‘Child of Tomorrow’

Die dreizehnte CD von Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ ist das ‘Child of Tomorrow’ Cyberrock and Slam Poetry Song Concert, aufgenommen während dem Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2008 – jetzt als Doppel-CD erhältlich. Hier der Link zur Original Pressemldung der CD mit Audiofiles: Child of Tomorrow Press release

‘Child Of Tomorrow’ is Michel Montecrossa’s thirteenth cyberrock & slam poetry concert which he and his band performed during the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2008. It is another step and a new level of his ‘Peace & Climate Change Concert Tour’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Double Audio-CD and double DVD presenting 29 grandiose Michel Montecrossa songs that hit the essence including the title song ‘Child Of Tomorrow’ and stunning awareness songs like ‘Acts’, ‘What Counts In The End’, ‘Love Is Life’, ‘Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen’, ‘Weltfrieden’, ‘The Great Origin’, ‘Child Of Our Days’ and ‘Song From The Home Of Love’. Mirakali and Diana Antara contribute message songs like ‘One With The World’ and ‘Newborn Earth’. About ‘Child Of Tomorrow’ Michel Montecrossa says: “Who is the child of tomorrow? Is it the one that comes with the sense of unity, peace, love and joy ending all bloodshed and bitter misunderstanding? The child of tomorrow is first born in us who already live. Are we living unity, peace, love and joy? Think straight and you know the answer of the future.” Here’s the press release of the CD including audiofiles: Child of Tomorrow Press release