Videos and impressions of the Mirapuri World Peace Festival

A selection of photos of the Mirapuri World Peace Festival & impressions of Michel Montecrossa’s movie art

Festival website:  www.Mirapuri-WorldPeace

The Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2014 (from 4th July – 6th July 2014) offers Lectures, the World Peace Festival Concert, the Mirapuri Peace Banquet with vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, festival-grill, peace-smoothies, viking wine, and original pure Bavarian beer, the Mirapuri Free Peace Camp, film- and theatre shows, books, multimedia and art-exhibitions, meditation, wellness, body-exercises and creative being together of Mirapuri residents with international visitors and friends of Mirapuri. Free entrance for all cultural events, free camping at the Mirapuri Free Peace Camp and friendly prices for drinks, food and Hotel accommodation.

Contact & Address:
Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri – Coiromonte (Provincia di Novara), Italy
Phone: +39-0322-999009
If you want to participate as a musician, orator, writer or artist

Concert Photos


The World Of Love & Friendship Action
Michel Montecrossa’s Concert dedicated to Friendship, Love and Oneness

‘The Future Is Young – Listen To The Young’ presents Michel Montecrossa’s speech for the Mirapuri World Peace Festival 2011 including six New-Topical-Songs

Let’s Go Future! – New-Topical-Song for the loving young

Another World – New-Topical-Song about adapting to a rapidly changing earth

Living On A Planet

In The Street – dedicated to the Real Democracy Protests in Spain and the Young Europe Awakening

This World Is My World

Mirapuri World Peace Festival

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Art exhibition at the Mirapuri World Peace Festival




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