Today, 7th June 2019, at 18:00 great première of Michel Montecrossa’s COURAGE & LOVE CLIMATE CHANGE MUSICAL: THE HOUSE OF TIME, PART THREE, ‘COURAGE RIDE’ at the Mirapuri Filmfest 2019 (Omnidiiet Music-Hall, Via Monte Falò 8, 28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte) watch here the trailer/teaser

The House Of Time, Part Three continues the free love story of Cyberwarrior Michel. He and his girls and their rebellious music messages are churning Sky-City where the total fusion of Virtuality and Organicality which began in The House of Time Part One and Two, rapidly progresses to fulfillment. Everything turns into non-linear Courage Ride Combat Games throwing you out of the ignorant mind into cosmic and transcendent consciousness making something wonderful happen: ‘Mum said, No! Dad said, No! The House of Time says, Yes!’

The House Of Time, Part Three comes with a tsunami of generous Stream-of-Consciousness image power, music, cyberpoetry, and anarchic freedom-shout-out-dialogues all fused into Michel Montecrossa’s new CG dimension of digitalized gamer movie language that shakes up synapses, blows your mind and twenty-five times per second poses the scandalous question: ‘What will you do when you suddenly know your wishes and your doubts?’ and answers while practicing with a camcorder stripping and posing : ‘Know the feel. Emotions give power. Follow the roads through the House of Time. You are the experiment. Have the courage. Have the love.‘ And then says: ‘You’re a different species. Not like other men. You owe your life to unspoiled love. You need my existence.‘

Michel Montecrossa says about his courage and love climate change musical The House Of Time, Part Three: ‘Courage Ride’:
“The House Of Time is the subconscious, the hidden, the passing, the highest point, the most exalted and the most angelic.“


Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Artis Aldschalis, Diana Antara, Savitri Blanche, Mirachandra, Mirabella Michelle, U.S.A. Boss, their Avatars and virtual-sensual personalities

Written and directed by Michel Montecrossa
With the music of: Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali and Diana Antara

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Premiere of Michel Montecrossa’s meditation music movie ‘The Symphony of Light’ on 26th May 2012 @ Sunrevolution Festival in Mirapuri, Italy

Michel Montecrossa’s meditation music movie ‘The Symphony of Light’ has its premiere on Saturday, 26th May 2012 as part of the Sunrevolution Festival for Music, Art, Science & Industry in Mirapuri.
The Sunrevolution Festival is the annual presentation of the progress, products and services of Mirapuri – the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe, Italy in the domains of music, art, science & industry for an international audience and customers.
Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Symphony of Light’ is a meditative Art Film visualizing nine symphonic music contemplations combined with aphorisms of Sri Aurobindo recited by Mira Alfassa. Music, fine-art and cyberart by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali.

For more on The Sunrevolution Festival 2012:www.sunrevolution.com

DVD-Cover - Michel Montecrossa’s meditation music movie ‘The Symphony of Light’

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