Album release – Michel Montecrossa’s Deutsch-Topical-Song-Movement release ‘Besinnung-Reflection’

‘Besinnung-Reflection’ Michel Montecrossa’s Deutsch-Topical-Song-Movement Audio-CD and Music Videos released by Mira Sound Germany present 11 theme songs about humanity, future and love including the title song ‘Besinnung’ (Reflection) , the heartfelt ‘Kommt wieder Ihr Menschen’ (Come All Ye People), the direct talking eco-song ‘Gift’ (Poison), the hopeful ‘Der Bote’ (The Messenger), the profound ‘Das Buch Des Lebens’ (The Book Of Life) and six more Deutsch-Topical Hit-songs.

Michel Montecrossa's Deutsch-Topical-Song-Movement Audio-CD 'Besinnung-Reflection'

Michel Montecrossa says about his Deutsch-Topical-Song Audio-CD ‘Besinnung-Reflection’ and its Music Videos:
“‘Besinnung-Reflection’ is a bouquet of songs that lead away from the sadness about catastrophes, suffering and wars into the wideness of the light in our hearts where we can find the strength of peacefulness, the joy that comes through doing the good and the happiness of love.
They are new Deutsch-Topical-Songs that are confronting our hot spots of sorrow with positive action-power. They are songs of reflection, of turning to our better side of strengthening the joy of life, of protecting life, of preserving peace, nature, humanity, freedom and the way into a better future for our children and all coming generations.”

watch here the video for ‘Besinnung-Reflection’, a Deutsch-Topical-Song about humanity, future and love

watch here the video for ‘Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen, – Come All Ye People, a Deutsch-Topical-Song from Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Italy’

album tracks (Click the song titles to listen to the song):

Besinnung’ (Reflection)

Kommt wieder Ihr Menschen’ (Come All Ye People)

Gift’ (Poison)

Der Bote’ (The Messenger)

Das Buch Des Lebens’ (The Book Of Life)

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Complete album tracklist (Click the song titles for the lyrics):

  1. Besinnung (Reflection)
  2. Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen (Come All Ye People)
  3. Paradieslied (Paradise Song)
  4. An Der Langen Strasse (At The Long Road)
  5. Gift (Poison)
  6. Weg Zum Erfolg (Way To Success)
  7. Der Bote (The Messenger)
  8. Menschen (People)
  9. Freude (Joy)
  10. Das Buch Des Lebens (The Book Of Life)
  11. Die Sanften Und Die Schönen (The Gentle And The Beautiful)