Third day of the Faust inspired Cinema Fest at the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri (Italy)

Here is today’s program (for the 17th June, 2018) of the Faust inspired Cinema Fest at the Omnidiet Music-Hall in Mirapuri (Italy).


Sunday, 17th June 2018


Living The Experience

Watch here the trailer:

About the movie ‘Living The Experience’

‘Living The Experience’ is Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa’s fascinating 21st Century Faust and Faust’s Girl (played by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali) inspired Overground Musical.
It is the stunning Free Cinema expression of Non-Conformity, Creative Abundance and Joy.
‘Living The Experience’ is the musical story of the triumph of Love and Beauty over dehumanizing mass imprisonment in illusions and unconsciousness.

Language: English, French and German, Color, 116 Min.

5 Faust Dimensions in 5 Stream of Consciousness Movies by Michel Montecrossa

The movie-artist Michel Montecrossa is presenting at the Free Cinema Filmfestival in Mirapuri 5 of his Faust inspired Stream of Consciousness Movies that are expressing 5 Faust Dimensions of the masculine Faust quest finding fulfilment in the greatness of feminine love. The 5 movies will be screened on Friday 15th June at 19:00, Saturday 16th June at 16:00 and on Sunday 17th June at 16:00.

Address & Contact:

Omnidiet Resort and Business Hotel
Via Monte Falò 8
28011 Mirapuri-Coiromonte (Prov. di Novara)
tel: +30 0322-999009

Michel Montecrossa Homepage:

Image below: Still from the movie ‘Living The Experience’


Today in Munich: Michel Montecrossa exhibits his ‘7 Faust Paintings’ at the Salon Irkutsk from 5th to 18th June 2018

The painter, poet, musician and cinema artist Michel Montecrossa created seven paintings expressing the ‘Faust’ theme and are illustrating his poetic song ’The Ballad Of Faust’ as well as the attendant music video.  From 5th June to 18th June 2018 the paintings are exhibited at the Salon Irkutsk in Munich (Isabellastrasse 4, 80798 Munich, Germany).

5th June till 18th June, 2018
from 19:00
Salon Irkutsk
Isabellastraße 4
80798 Munich
Tel ++49-89-850 8555

Further informations: 089-850 8555

Michel Montecrossa says about his “Faust” paintings: “The seven “Faust” paintings are the biography of the moment of a split personality when Psyche and Eros melt into each other: Faust experiences the dimension-leap from old to new and no longer finds himself in the imprisoned ego but in the free otherness of his beloved girl. The seven Faust paintings are composed as a constantly self-renewing morphogenetic field infinitely multiplying itself in the dialog with the spectator. This capacity of self-multiplying in the consciousness is an essential aspect of my art.”

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Musis movie for Michel Montecrossa’s ’The Ballad Of Faust’

‘Sunset Ride’ – music video from Mirakali’s Movie ‘Touched by the Magic of Love’

Watch here ‘Sunset Ride’, a music video from Mirakali’s Movie ‘Touched by the Magic of Love’

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Image above: Mirakali live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival in Mirapuri, Italy – You can experience Mirakali live at the annual Spirit of Woodstock Festival In Mirapuri, Italy, this year the Festival will take place from 25th – 29th July 2018 (

Michel Montecrossa’s movies: the 21st Century Overground Musical ‘Living The Experience’

Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa’s 21st Century Overground Musical ‘Living The Experience’

‘Living The Experience’ is Cyberrocker Michel Montecrossa’s fascinating 21st Century Overground Musical.

It is the stunning Free Cinema expression of Non-Conformity, Creative Abundance and Joy.

‘Living The Experience’ is the musical story of the triumph of Love and Beauty over dehumanizing massimprisonment in illusions and unconsiousness.

Listen to Michel Montecrossa’s CyberRock song ‘Weatherman’ from the movie ‘Living The Experience’

Mirakali, Michel Montecrossa, many Souls at Cannes, Peking, Munich and Mirapuri
Special Guests:
Mirachandra, Fred Holt, Alma Arkansas, Rita Mayer, Siegfried Bärenholz, Clint Eastwood, Nina Montana, Padma, one Astronaut, Navaprema, Birds, one Rocket
Michel Montecrossa, Amanda Draupadi, Rosalinde von Falkenstein, Wilhelm Kaiser
Michel Montecrossa based on vedic hymns translated by Sri Aurobindo and words of Mira Alfassa – The Mother from her Entretiens 1956
Editing and Special Effects:
Michel Montecrossa, Johannes Blaubart, Michael Oslow
Michel Montecrossa and the Mira Sound Orchestra
The following songs and instrumentals are presented in the Film:
Weatherman, Crumbling, Wait A Minute, Bygone Times, Better Do Not Remember, So Cold, Great Men, Next Turn, Out Of It, Please, As I’m Rolling Past A Tiny House, We Are Free, Glaubst Du Wirklich, Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen, Die Ahnung Der Zeiten, Le Chemin Perfait (Instr.), Natural Queen , Meditation (Instr.)
Final Mix:
Mike Man

Living The Experience

Michel Montecrossa about ‘Living The Experience’:
“‘Living The Experience’ is visualized as a 21st century Space-Age-Viking-Style-Saga. It is an Overground Musical, meaning the futuristic way of expressing the same meaning as did the mystic chants of the Heroic Age.
The title-sequence leads into a wide virgin snowfield. The heroes of the movie, the artist and his muse, playfully cross the untouched snow, symbolizing the ancient Utgard, the homeland of the Old Gods or Icegods, the archetypal powers of the Subconscious.
The artist and the muse are coming from the Soulworld or Asgard, moving towards the horizon, symbolizing the ancient Midgard, the Middle Region, where the human beings live.
The entire sequence is the image of the meaning of ‘Living The Experience’, namely to discover the timeless Threads of Destiny, the Norns, hidden in the depths of the Subconscious, and by the art of life to weave them into a living and everchanging image of time and space which grows into the house for the immortal Soul.
This is the destiny of the artist which he can only fulfill with the help of his muse, the Creatress of dreams and their magic.
The scene is the prevision of the essence and inner centre of the coming unfoldment of the story, an orphic story of Change of Consciousness of which the artist sings in his opening songs ‘Weatherman’, ‘Crumbling’ and ‘Wait A Minute’.

Now comes the main title scene which represents the entry gate to the human world. This scene is created as a Silent-Movie-Style-Action gradually reversing the audience-situation of watching into a new dimension of being watched, mocked at and photographed by photonic beings from the movie.
Thus the spectator enters the world of ‘Living The Experience’ together with the artist searching for his muse hidden somewhere in the mysterious net of World-Energies, the Walgrind, of ancient times.

The opening sequence leads to the ‘Prologue’ showing the muse wondering through a world of imaginations, symbols, illusory appearances and soulless memories in search of the artist who alone can give new life and meaning to these disconnected fragments of Creative Imagination.
As if coming from the other shore of reality she hears the yearning and the anguish of the artist in the song ‘Bygone Times’. She follows the sound of the haunting tune through the images of dreams, searching for the portals to reality, to find there the artist.

The artist is looking for his muse in the many conflicting desires and illusions of the human beings to which they surrender in order to avoid living through their true identity, but he cannot find her in this Endzeit scenarios, the Ragnarök of the ancients, the Apocalypse.
More and more the bizarre francy of this possessive world tries to entangle the artist, but he sticks to his search and turns to nature and her strength to clear his mind.
He tells of his quest through the songs: ‘Better Do Not Remember’, ‘So Cold’, ‘Great Men’, ‘Next Turn’, ‘Out Of It’, ‘Please’.
Finally the maddening impact of no directions is exhausted when the artist understands that it is only love that can attract the muse and he suddenly is with her for the first time as a naked beauty and sings of this experience in the song ‘As I’m Rolling Past A Tiny House’.
He understands the experience to be the Primary Inspiration given by her to see all with the eyes of love and thereby to gain Wisdom, Wide Compassion and Generosity.
As a result he begins to see behind all fleeting frontal appearances the Eternal Presence of Consciousness, Love and Joy. He sees the images of life and the world like letters of a Poem of Revelation, represented in the movie through words from Vedic Hymns superimposed on the flow of scenes.
Throughout this change of perception and understanding the artist reflects the experience in his songs: ‘We Are Free’, ‘Glaubst Du Wirklich? (Do You Really Believe?)’, ‘Kommt Wieder Ihr Menschen (Come Again All Ye Men)’ and ‘Die Ahnung Der Zeiten (The Hunch Of Ages)’.

Now comes the reversal of consciousness, the New World following the Ragnarök, where the inner creates the outer, where the apparent is seen from the essential, where the relative exists through the infinite, and it is now that the artist finds the muse.
A transformation takes place, a soul-fusion of artist with muse leading to the borderless embodiment of Love, expressed in ‘Living The Experience’ through a symphony of scenes and orchestral music and the profound flair of Insight, Harmony and Beauty: a Cosmic Building created by sound and light, the Walhallaof the ancients, the City of God of the future where Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter are one.
The artist here does not sing with words but with pure sound of the union with his muse. And the secret of this finding is echoed in the chantlike message of the french mystic Mira Alfassa ‘Le Chemin Perfait – The Perfect Way’, which is also the title of the symphonic parts of ‘Living The Experience’.

Finally the circle of ‘Living The Experience’ is completed in the birth of a new child, the revelation of the ever renewed Mystery of Life, which is also the mystery of the muse of which the artist tells with his song ‘Natural Queen’.
This song leads into the Timeless Centre of the circle expressed through the endtitle sequence: the Sea of Eternity and its Music which is always perfect by being the Experience of Consciousness and Joy in Love and Beauty.”

Image above: still from the movie ‘Living The Experience’

Cyberrock & Electronica Saturday, part 62

It’s the sixty-second Cyberrock & Electronica Saturday: enjoy this selection of songs by Michel Montecrossa and Mirakali from various albums

What A Time (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

Weatherman (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

Feuertanz Des Lichtes (by Mirakali); Genre: Electronica

Our Saving Love & Sweetness (by Michel Montecrossa); Genre: CyberRock

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Movie: Mirakali’s Electronica song ‘Dreambirth’

Image above: Mirakali live on stage during Michel Montecrossa’s Concert at the Garage Deluxe in Munich, Germany

Movie Rarities: ‘Skybird’ by Michel Montecrossa

Movie rarities: watch here Michel Montecrossa’s movie and song ‘Skybird’

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Movie: ‘Michel Montecrossa & His Superchicks – Couch Party at MTV’

Watch here ‘Michel Montecrossa & His Superchicks – Couch Party at MTV’ presenting in the consciousness expanding overground movie style of Michel Montecrossa 46 minutes of stunning Michel Montecrossa overground interview-action vibrant with humour, deep insight and unexpected turns. Michel Montecrossa freely speaks together with Mirakali, Diana Antara, Mirachandra and Alex Infascelli about his life, music and unconventional outlook on things.

‘Michel Montecrossa & his Superchicks – Couch Party at MTV’ is exuberant free cinema art that leads into new territories far beyond normal mainstream trash. Together with 7 great Michel Montecrossa songs like ‘Superchick’ a mind-blowing cyberrocker experience unfolds its different sense of reality.

The Songs: ‘Superchick’, ‘Rebel Grail Blues’, ‘We Play The Shit We Like – We Play The Shit We Love’, ‘Superchick #2’, ‘We Play The Shit We Like – We Play The Shit We Love #2’, ‘Teen Smell’, ‘Teen Smell #2’, ‘Exploration Teknotrance’, ‘Male Feel – Check This’, ‘The Girl That’s Laughin’’

Music: Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few
Starring: Michel Montecrossa, Mirakali, Diana Antara, Mirachandra, Alex Infaschelli

Produced by Filmaur Multimedia, Germany
(Color, English language, 46 Min.)

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Michel Montecrossa & His Superchicks – Couch Party at MTV

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Dreamspace Reality Call’ by Michel Montecrossa

It's A Good Place - A Good Place To Be Concert

Song & Lyrics Spotlight: ‘Dreamspace Reality Call’ by Michel Montecrossa 

Dreamspace Reality Call

Dreamspace Reality Call
is a-speakin’ to you all
of the solution for all the troubles
through evolving our Love World Action.

Dreamspace goes beyond
distortion and behaviour wrong
and no-future slavery
and no-youth destiny.

Dreamspace is a Young Future, is
Peace and Joy of the Green Earth Kiss,
is Love and Happiness great,
is Unity and Action brave.

Dreamspace is the Bright Earth
of New Consciousness Birth
connecting our present days
to our Future Realities.

Dreamspace is fast moving change
into the World of Futureman
where at last we will be free
to be the Good Reality.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: Cover of Michel Montecrossa’s ‘It’s A Good Place – A Good Place To Be’ Concert live album – experience Michel Montecrossa live on stage at the Spirit of Woodstock Festival 2017 in Mirapuri, Italy taking place from 19th to 23rd July 2017 ( – for booking visit this page

Watch online: Michel Montecrossa’s ‘The Resurrection Movie’

Watch now online Michel Montecrossa’s ‘The Resurrection Movie’ on VIMEO ON DEMAND

Rent or buy the film here:

‘The Resurrection Movie’, Michel Montecrossa’s evolved Peace & Climate Change Musical telling the love-tale of Cyberrocker-Astronaut Starlight and his mate Earthpower and their battle on hellish mega city planet for a free world.

Michel Montecrossa’s movie-art means expansion of the cinematic expression language on all levels: the picture, the sound, the word, the music, the action, the movement of meaning, the rhythm of editing, the acting, the CG art, the organicality of light and moods, the poetry. Michel Montecrossa’s Full-Stream-Of-Consciousness Movies are a Fest of virtuality and organicality of image and music, of sensuality and spirituality dedicated to the living celebration of humanity. Michel Montecrossa movies bring to the audience a new level of awareness, great music, thrilling action, emotion, passion and the unexpected.

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436 Michel Montecrossa Top Movies – selection 1

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Concert Performances


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