Featured song: ‘Peace For All’ by Michel Montecrossa

‘Peace For All’ is a New-Topical-Song by Michel Montecrossa, recorded at the ‘Peace For All’ Concert, now available on Audiomack:

About ‘Peace For All’ Michel Montecrossa says:
“Peace for all is the next step of human evolution – the step into planetary understanding and a consciousness change that makes us ready for space-age and its marvelous possibilities.”

Peace For All

Peace for all is the future‘s call,
strength comes from there and love for all.
I was in a place of the inner world,
it was bright like heaven and not dark like hell.

I saw you with your children
and I heard your heartfelt song.
I saw the clouds of warfields
and you only wished for peace.

Me too I‘m with the hungry,
me too I‘m attacked by hate.
Me too I feel the sorrow,
me too I feel the pain.

Cruelty is the traitor,
steals the treasure of peace and hope.
Anger is the aggressor
invading the territory of your soul.

Peace for all is the saving answer
every politician should know.
Mercy and forgiveness
are the answer of the truly strong.

Peace for all is the earth-soul‘s call.
Peace creates the climate good for all.
Peace is the link of humanity.
Peace is the power that always heals.

The pleasure of killin‘ is no pleasure at all,
it is the destroyer of your soul.
Torture is no way to finding the truth
and greed is the partner that‘s always cruel.

The lies of society are breeding anger.
Standing together makes life last longer.
The help you give is building future.
The charity you show is simply super.

Now I‘m with you in the same room.
I will never scare you and you aren‘t hit by doom.
That‘s because we love us and that‘s the proof
that love is better than every wrong move.

Peace for all is the future‘s call,
strength comes from there and love for all.
I‘m in this place of space age world,
it is bright like heaven and not dark like hell.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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