Today on Peace Day 2017: selected Michel Montecrossa art & music about peace

Today on the International Day of Peace: a selection of Michel Montecrossa paintings, drawings & New-Topical-Songs about Peace

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Painting by Michel Montecrossa: The Freedom Of Art Triptych #2 ’Integral Peace’

Painting by Michel Montecrossa: World Peace ‘Love & Friendship’

Painting by Michel Montecrossa: Light And Peace In The Darkness

Michel Montecrossa Cyberart: Lost In War

Michel Montecrossa Cyberart: War Kills

Painting by Michel Montecrossa: Cry For Peace

Painting by Michel Montecrossa: ‘Child Bird Of Peace’

Talking Europe The Strong

Guenter Grass Is Right: World War Is Bad

The United States Of Planet Earth

Russia And America Rock

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