‘Determined & Undeterred’ Video – Michel Montecrossa’s Pro-Reform Song for Libya and all the others

Watch here the video for ‘Determined & Undeterred!‘; Michel Montecrossa’s Pro-Reform Song for Libya and all the others. Further information and the song lyrics can be found here

watch ‘Determined & Undeterred!’ on Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-KuP5yp4aY

Michel Montecrossa says:

“Protesters are the fuel of progress.”

Listen to the song: Determined & Undeterred!

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Hier das Video zu Determined & Undeterred! ‘ anschauen – Michel Montecrossa’s neuer Pro-Reform Song für Libyen und all die anderen Länder im Umbruch. Weitere Infos & Songtext hier

Determined & Undeterred - Michel Montecrossa's Pro-Reform song for Libya and all the others

Covergestaltung: Michel Montecrossa

Das Video bei Youtube anschauen: www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-KuP5yp4aY

Hier den Song anhören: Determined & Undeterred!

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