The Maria Magdalena Symphony

Michel Montecrossa’s great ‘Maria Magdalena Symphony’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Audio-CD with 10 orchestral and chant tracks is dedicated to the life and heritage of Maria Magdalena. Michel Montecrossa has written the lyrics of the chants on the basis of the Gospel of Maria Magdalena. ‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony’ is performed by Michel Montecrossa and his Lightsound Orchestra. The chants are performed in English and German by Michel Montecrossa.

Michel Montecrossa about ‘The Maria Magdalena Symphony’:
“It is music of innerness and warmth in honour of Maria Magdalena and her love for Jesus.” 

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  • The Maria Magdalena Symphony - Michel Montecrossa and His Lightsound Orchestra

The Tracks:

  1. Maria Magdalena Overture & Chant: ‘The Good Is In Your Midst • Das Gute Ist In Eurer Mitte’
  2. Descent & Chant: ‘Where Your Consciousness Is, There Is Your Treasure • Wo Dein Bewusstsein Ist, Ist Dein Schatz’
  3. The World & Chant: ‘All Is Free • Alles Ist Frei’
  4. Revelation & Chant: ‘The Soul Is Forever Saved • Die Seele Ist Für Immer Frei’
  5. Become Like A Child & Chant: ‘He Loves Her More Than The Many • Er Liebt Sie Mehr Als Alle’
  6. The Living One & Chant: ‘The Curtain • Der Vorhang’
  7. Movement And Rest & Chant: ‘The Drop Of Light • Der Tropfen Des Lichts’
  8. The True Mother & Chant: ‘The Immortal Man • Der Unsterbliche Mensch’
  9. The All & Chant: ‘The All-Embracing Grace • Die Alles Umfassende Gnade’
  10. Maria Magdalena Finale: Paradisewave

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