Michel Montecrossa’s Singles & Albums before 2008 – Part 4; selected press releases

Michel Montecrossa’s Winter-Spring Concerts 2006

Audio-CD and DVD Mega-Release

Michel Montecrossa’s great Winter-Spring concerts and special edition 2006 are released by Mira Sound Germany on 12 productions including 298 song tracks and 164 DVD tracks.

The Winter-Spring concerts and special edition 2006 feature sensational Michel Montecrossa dancedrive like ‘Technothriller‘, ‘Trancegirl‘, ‘Shore Beyond The Shore‘ and the india dance hit ‘Love & Joy Song‘ as well as poetic song-power like ‘All My Love For You‘, ‘Erotic Devotion‘, ‘Reborn Again (Can You Imagine?)‘, the unplugged acoustic ‘End All Your Wars‘ the tv-marathon-spot version of ‘This World Is My World‘ and the radio-hit ‘Dancedrive: I Like It‘. The Mirakali and Diana Antara songs include ‘The Colors Of Love‘ and ‘It Feels Really, Really Cool‘.

Speed Of Cyberrock ConcertSpeed Of Cyberrock Concert
(6 CD-Box with 3 Audio-CDs and 3 DVD)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Cyberrocker Ballad’, ‘Of Love I Sing’, ‘Cybertrek’, ‘With True Love’, ‘Yes, I Know You Want It’, ‘House Of Joy’, ‘Cyberspeed At Every Turn’, ‘Cyberfire’, ‘Ladyluck Tribal’, ‘Heroes Of Virtual Reality’, ‘Teenagetrip (Gettin’ Nearer To You Every Day)’, ‘Goin’ Up On Fire’
The Songs: Disc Two: ‘Cyberbeamer’, ‘Sunrace’, ‘Dancefloor Tribal’, ‘Bliss Transimission’, ‘Cyberpower Baby’, ‘Cybergeneration’, ‘Cyberbeat’, ‘Met You In Paradise’, ‘Cyberfrantic’, ‘Partydance’, ‘Honeydrive’, ‘Technoparty’, ‘Technothriller
The Songs, Disc Three: ‘Technolove’, ‘Ultra Tasty’, ‘Fluid Fantasy’, ‘Cyberdiver’, ‘Trancegirl‘, ‘Tranceexplosion’, ‘Mothership’, ‘Alien Mutation’, ‘Samurai Planet’, ‘All My Love For You

Tiger Ladies ConcertTiger Ladies Concert
(Double Audio-CD)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Tigerlady Blues’, ‘Sexuality Rocker’, ‘Rock The Girl’, ‘Tree On The Hill’, ‘Powerking’, ‘The Power Of Cyberrock’, ‘Heroic World’, ‘Shit Place Rock’, ‘It Feels Really, Really Cool‘, ‘Timebody Love (My Climax Girl)’, ‘Sexy Drive’, ‘Powers Of The Sun’, ‘Party Pussy’, ‘The Speed Of Cyberrock’, ‘Powerteam’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Powerdreamer’, ‘Juicy And Wet Like A Virgin’, ‘Teeny Creamy’, ‘Born To Rock’, ‘Cyberpowerrocker’, ‘Scull Fucker Rock’, ‘Our Dream’, ‘Rockin’ Dream’, ‘Business Rock’, ‘Gettin’ Really Hot Tonight’, ‘Michel’s Samba’, ‘Pony With Golden Eyes’, ‘Love & Joy Song

Paradisekid ConcertParadisekid Concert
(Double Audio-CD)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Paradisekid’, ‘The Colors Of Love‘, ‘Paradisefeel’, ‘Rockin’ On The Spaceflight’, ‘Planets Are Moving’, ‘Dawn In Mirapuri’, ‘Sunny Paradise’, ‘Love You’, ‘From Michel In Mirapuri’, ‘Wild And Tender’, ‘Young Power’, ‘It’s So Wonderful’, ‘You Kiss Me With Summer’, ‘Dawn Of Victory’, ‘New Light’, ‘You’re Always In My Mind’
The Songs, Disc Two:Shore Beyond The Shore‘, ‘Call Me: Dream’, ‘Powers Of The Sun’, ‘Being Close To You’, ‘Good News From The Morning Star’, ‘Sunsetgirl And Dreamhero’, ‘A Man Is As Good As His Woman’, ‘Sweet Dream’, ‘Where Earth & Heaven Meet’, ‘True Love Never Fades Away’, ‘City Light’, ‘Secret Light’, ‘Lovesong’, ‘Of Love I Sing’, ‘Take My Dream’

Technoparty ConcertTechnoparty Concert
(6 CD-Box with 3 Audio-CDs and 3 DVDs)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Cybertechno Cool’, ‘Sturm’, ‘Cyberrocker Morfin’ U (Keep Your Promise Baby)’, ‘Cyberrocket (& Pleasure Station)’, ‘Catch The Rhythm’, ‘Heisse Lust’, ‘Connection To The Impossible Techno’, ‘Endless Delight’, ‘Mystery Beat’, ‘Frei Wie Der Wind’, ‘T-180’, ‘Cyberfire’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Lovemakin’ Supertrip’, ‘Moonshine In Cyberworld’, ‘Dancedrive: I Like It’, ‘House Of Joy’, ‘Powers Of The Sun’, ‘Partydrive’, ‘Cybergeneration’, ‘Drifing Into Eternity’, ‘Helicopter Baby’, ‘Cybernautic Girl’, ‘Dancefloor Tribal’, ‘Girls Of Technoworld’
The Songs, Disc Three: ‘Climax Girl’, ‘Damn Cool Shit!’, ‘Technolove’, ‘Cybertronic Babe’, ‘Shit Place Rock’, ‘Mi Amor Michel’, ‘The Man’, ‘Trancegirl’, ‘Technoparty’, ‘Technothriller’, ‘Satisfied Lust’, ‘Tranceexplosion’, ‘Heroes Of Virtual Reality’, ‘Hitchin’ My Way East (Only Cameras Don’t Lie)’, ‘Alien Mutation’

Journey ConcertJourney Concert
(2 CD-Bx with 1 Audio-CD and 1 DVD)

The Songs: ‘Journey Intro’, ‘India And One World’, ‘This World Is My World’, ‘End All Your Wars‘, ‘Terra Rock’, ‘My Country Girl’, ‘True Lovin”, ‘Lovesong’, ‘Me And My Woman’, ‘Wild West Honey’, ‘Curtains Of Night (America Song)’, ‘War Is Hell’, ‘Europe Song’, ‘Love & Peace Forever’

Greetings to India from Mirapuri in EuropeGreetings to India from Mirapuri in Europe
(Special Audio-CD Release)

The Songs: ‘Love & Joy Song’, ‘Peace Is Good For Love’, ‘World Love Song’, ‘Way Of Tomorrow’, ‘India And One World’

Girls of the Storm ConcertGirls of the Storm Concert

The Songs: ‘Flyin’ Away (With The Girl Of The Storm)’, ‘Girls Of The Storm’, ‘Treat Me’, ‘Heroes Are Great’, ‘Erotic Devotion‘, ‘Callin’ 4 You’, ‘Truth Lovin’ Woman (Another Song Of Love)’, ‘Magic Girl’, ‘Das Girl Sieht Super Aus’, ‘Firebride’, ‘Fairy Rock’, ‘Dangerous Girls’, ‘Rock Babes’, ‘Holy Girl, Let’s Fly Again’, ‘Gang’s Dream Anthem’

Cyberspeed At Every Turn ConcertCyberspeed At Every Turn Concert
(6 CD-Box with 3 Audio-CDs and 3 DVDs)

The Songs, Disc One:Reborn Again (Can You Imagine?)‘, ‘Go All The Way’, ‘Your Arse’, ‘Mosquito Rock’, ‘Cyberspeed Drivin’ U Sweet’, ‘Cyberparadise’, ‘Cyberspeed At Every Turn’, ‘Technobooster’, ‘Cybertribal’, ‘Alien Encounter’, ‘Cybererotic’, ‘Endless Delight’, ‘Cyberflame And The Elevator Boss’, ‘Fantastic X’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Cyberfest’, ‘To Live Our Dream’, ‘Cyberstorm’, ‘Tender Anarchy’, ‘Change The World’, ‘Burning Pleasure’, ‘Cyberodin & The Golden Age’, ‘Happy Vikings’, ‘Cyberpowerrocker’, ‘Xtatic Flight’, ‘Cyberbeat’, ‘Hot, Sweet, Sexy, Wild’, ‘Cyberpower Baby’, ‘Partydance’
The Songs, Disc Three: ‘Cyberchant’, ‘Heroes And Girls’, ‘Cyberdisco’, ‘Flyin’ Into Heaven’s Paradise’, ‘Cyberloud’, ‘Lovehero’, ‘Cyber Space’, ‘Redemption’, ‘Cyber Rock Ecstasy’, ‘True Light’, ‘Cybermoon’, ‘Moonkiss’, ‘Cyberthingies’

Spacelight ConcertSpacelight Concert
(Double Audio-CD)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Space Light’, ‘Hard Bone’, ‘Fight For Your Love’, ‘Doin’ It’, ‘Cyberhighway’, ‘Cyberairport U.F.O.’, ‘Young Power’, ‘Flyin’ Away (With The Girl Of The Storm)’, ‘Bliss Elixir’, ‘Try It Harder (The Ways Of Love And Fuckin’)’, ‘Sturm’, ‘Cyberbeamer’, ‘Antaris (Galaxy Town)’, ‘Cyberdance’, ‘Frei Wie Der Wind’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Sex Unites Song’, ‘Rockin’ On The Spaceflight’, ‘Discohoney’, ‘Never Give Up’, ‘Spacedancin”, ‘Party Pussy’, ‘Rockin’ Night’, ‘Push Beyond The Limit’, ‘Cyberfrantic’, ‘Cyberrocket (& Pleasure Station)’, ‘Discohappy’, ‘Someone Who Understands You’, ‘The Story Of That Girl’, ‘Lovedance’

A Man Is As Good As His Woman ConcertA Man Is As Good As His Woman Concert
(Double Audio-CD)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Girl Of The World’, ‘A Man Is As Good As His Woman’, ‘Virgin Slime & Virgin Smile’, ‘Heroes Are Great’, ‘Hard Bone’, ‘Turn It On!’, ‘Phat Energy’, ‘Wonderful Love’, ‘I’ll Follow You’, ‘Love You’, ‘Ballad Of Attractive Hands’, ‘Pearls Of Love’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Cyberrocker Ballad’, ‘Callin’ 4 You’, ‘Powerdance’, ‘Sweet Dance’, ‘Cyberspeed Drivin’ U Sweet’, ‘Technobooster’, ‘Cybertechno Cool’, ‘Island Of Sensuality’, ‘Erotic Devotion’, ‘Love Devotion’, ‘Reborn Again (Can You Imagine?)’, ‘Go All The Way’

Elektrorocker ConcertElektrorocker Concert
(Double Audio-CD)

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Shall We Go To War Again?’, ‘I Can Tell You Somethin”, ‘Electrorocker’, ‘Firebride’, ‘Superclone’, ‘Full Power’, ‘Killer Deep Throat’, ‘Bliss Elixir’, ‘Erotic Devotion’, ‘Jungleprincess’, ‘Indian Girl (I Want To Love You)’, ‘Jungledream’, ‘Fluid Fantasy’, ‘Heaven On Earth’, ‘Love & Joy Song’, ‘Love Revolution’, ‘Celtic Joydance’, ‘Passion Dance’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Virgin Slime & Virgin Smile’, ‘Enchanted Power’, ‘Cybertribal’, ‘Turn It On!’, ‘Run, Run, Run’, ‘The Friend At Your Side’, ‘Flyin’ Away (With The Girl Of The Storm)’, ‘Cyberhighway’, ‘Cyberspeed Drivin’ U Sweet’, ‘Flashing Light’, ‘Hard Bone’, ‘Powerking’, ‘Phat Energy’, ‘Cosmic Muse’, ‘Climax Girl’, ‘Girl Of The World’, ‘Go All The Way’

‘Voice Of Peace’


Voice Of PeaceMichel Montecrossa is today’s most outstanding voice of peace. With his great lyrics, songtunes and inimitable power of all-out acoustic performance he reaches the heart and mind of a world wide audience. He sings like no one else about the universal meaning of peace and love as the foremost message for our world. His is the creative genius that can easily and convincingly stand alone with his guitar in any place and sing his songs in a way that makes people feel better.
Michel Montecrossa’s CD ‘Voice Of Peace’, released by Mira Sound Germany, presents 11 peace song hits including ‘This World Is My World‘, ‘Europe Song‘, ‘War Is Hell‘, ‘World Love Song‘ and ‘Will I Ever See You Again?

The Songs:This World Is My World‘, ‘Handed Down By Jesus’, ‘End All Your Wars’, ‘Europe Song‘, ‘Time Of Freedom’, ‘Peace Is Good For Love’, ‘War Is Hell‘, ‘World Love Song‘, ‘The Earth Is Weeping (Every Life Is Precious)’, ‘Love & Peace Forever’, ‘Will I Ever See You

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘I’m A Lover Too’ Acoustic & Electric Concert

Double Audio-CD & Double DVD

I'm A Lover Too Acoustic & Electric ConcertMichel Montecrossa’s outstanding ‘I’m A Lover Too’ released by Mira Sound Germany as Double Audio-CD presents 28 acoustic and electric Song-Tracks including the title song ‘I’m A Lover Too‘, the acoustic thriller ‘A Man Is As Good As His Woman‘ and the country hit ‘Pony With Golden Eyes‘. The Mirakali and Diana songs include ‘Lovedream‘ by Mirakali and ‘With True Love‘ by Diana Antara.

The Songs, Disc One:I’m A Lover Too’, Lovedream‘, ‘Couldn’t Make It Without You’, ‘With True Love‘, ‘Ballad Of Attractive Hands’, ‘Just Like You’, ‘Alien Worlds Of Girlfriend’, ‘Love, Love’, ‘I’ll Follow You’, ‘Eternal Fire’, ‘A Man Is As Good As His Woman‘, ‘Pony With Golden Eyes‘, ‘Hero Of My Heart’, ‘A Moonbeam On Your Face’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Where Earth & Heaven Meet’, ‘Promise’, ‘Take My Dream’, ‘Victory Of Love’, ‘Born With You’, ‘Satisfied Lust’, ‘A Million Times With You #1’, ‘Touch Of Warmth’, ‘True Lovin”, ‘Soft Hands Touching You’, ‘My Country Girl’, ‘Finding The True Way’, ‘Lovesong’, ‘There’s Nothin’ Like You’

Michel Montecrossa’s ‘Love & Joy’ New Year Concert in Mirapuri

6 CD-Box with 3 Audio-CDs & 3 DVDs

Love & Joy New Year ConcertMichel Montecrossa’s ‘Love & Joy New Year Concert 2006’ released by Mira Sound Germany on 3 Audio-CD and 3 DVDs presents 40 acoustic and electric Song-Tracks including Michel Montecrossa’s indian style ‘Love & Joy Song‘, the drivin’ ‘Dancefloor Tribal‘ and the mystic ‘Samurai Planet‘ as well as great acoustic solo performances like ‘My Sweetest Woman‘ and ‘Another Morn’‘, the Mirakali and Diana Antara songs include ‘Sweet Dream‘ by Diana Antara and ‘Island Of Sensuality‘ by Mirakali.

The Songs, Disc One: ‘Boy From Heaven’, ‘Singin’ My Heart Free’, ‘My Sweetest Woman‘, ‘Another Morn’‘, ‘True Light’, ‘Soft Skin’, ‘Sweet Dream‘, ‘Cybervision’, ‘Sunsetgirl And Dreamhero’, ‘True Lovin”, ‘Cybertrek’, ‘Love You’, ‘Dancefloor Tribal‘, ‘Proud Dream’, ‘Ladyluck Tribal’, ‘You, I Need You’
The Songs, Disc Two: ‘Cyberbeamer’, ‘Moonshine In Cyberworld’, ‘A Million Times With You #2’, ‘Never Give Up’, ‘The Power Of Cyberrock’, ‘Victory Of Love’, ‘I’m In Love’, ‘Love & Joy Song‘, ‘Cybergeneration’, ‘Samurai Planet‘, ‘Sunrace’
The Songs, Disc Three: ‘Technothriller’, ‘Great Feeling’, ‘Trancegirl’, ‘Cyberdiver’, ‘Tranceexplosion’, ‘Young Power’, ‘Fluid Fantasy’, ‘Xtatic Flight’, ‘Powers Of The Sun’, ‘Island Of Sensuality‘, ‘The Speed Of Cyberlove’, ‘True Lovin’ #2′, ‘Way To The Well’


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